John Kosco

John Kosco – A Look at His Personal Life

The name John Kosco is known to most people as a top NBA basketball player. He is a player that has won many awards and has a huge fan base. His net worth is a little over $7 million and he has had a great career in the professional sports world. However, what does he do for his personal life?

Early Life and Education

John Kosko is a board certified foot and ankle orthopedic specialist. He has a medical degree from the University of Mississippi and completed a residency in orthopedics at the University of Mississippi School of Medical Center. In addition, he has been a member of the PCS Board of Directors since 2018.

Among his many accomplishments, he also has a golden doodle named Sam. Other than his work, Dr. Kosko likes to spen

d time with his family. One of his favorite hobbies is hanging out at the lake. Another is his passion for sports. Among his many interests are college football and baseball. Among his favorite teams is the Mississippi State Bulldogs, who are expected to make a deep run in the College World Series in the next few years.

Professional Career

A board-certified foot and ankle orthopedic surgeon, Dr. John Kosko is a professional with over seventeen years of experience in the field of healthcare. He is a member of the PCS (Physicians Committee on Seniors) Board and has been serving on the Board since 2018. In addition to being a physician, Dr. Kosko is also a consultant, providing services relating to health and medical planning and diagnostics. His personal interests include hanging out at the lake, watching the Mississippi State Bulldogs play in the College World Series, and spending time with his family.

Kosko received his bachelor’s degree in engineering from Mississippi State University and his medical degree from the University of Mississippi School of Medicine. After receiving his doctorate, Dr. Kosko went on to complete his residency at the University of Mississippi School of Medical Center.

Achievements and Honors

The University of Mississippi’s Department of Biological Engineering has named one of its members to its “outstanding engineering senior” program. This award is given to students who have excelled in both the academic and athletic arenas. In addition, the program is supported by the Mississippi Engineering Society. Kosko will soon receive his degree in biological engineering and enter the university medical center as a medical doctor.

One of the most impressive contributions of Kosko this year was his work on the defensive line of the Notre Dame Falcons. His unit finished with the best run defense in the Mountain East Conference. He also recorded a sack in four of his five games.

Another honor for the former Pillow Academy standout was being named an honorable mention all-state running back. He was also the first team all-conference in the area in both running back and linebacker.

Personal Life

John Kosko is a physician who is board certified in foot and ankle orthopedics. He has over 17 years of experience in the field of medicine. In addition to his profession, he is also an elder at the First Presbyterian Church in Peoria.

John Kosko was born on April 1, 1924, in Nokomis, Illinois. His parents were Wesley and Esther Kosko. The family moved to Hubbard, Ohio when John was twenty years old. He married Geraldine O’Shaughnessy on August 7, 1948. He was a WWII veteran. They had a son, Evan, and a daughter, Susan. Both girls are now deceased.

During the late 1940s, John Kosko was a machinist at Caterpillar, Inc. He has worked for the company for thirty-three years. Before joining the PCS Board, he served as an elder at Holy Family Catholic Church

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