John Lean

The Life and Times of John Lean

John Krafcik is a true sensei who has shared his knowledge and insights to the lean community worldwide. He is considered one of the founders of lean management and his books are essential reading for anyone interested in learning more about the concepts behind lean.

His work has had a lasting impact on the world. He has shaped the way we think about manufacturing, leadership and continuous improvement.

Early Life and Education

Throughout his childhood, John Lean was always curious about life and the world around him. He was an avid reader and a passionate student, which helped him develop strong analytical skills.

While at Harvard, he began to consider a career in law. This was a popular choice for Harvard graduates in the eighteenth century as it offered a respectable income and was viewed as more lucrative than a clergy career.

After finishing college, he began a two-year apprenticeship with a lawyer in Braintree. During this time, he read a great deal of legal and political literature. He also studied theology and the Bible, which helped him to make a decision about his future. He eventually chose to become a lawyer. He served his apprenticeship until 1758, when he was ready to practice.

Professional Career

John is a highly accomplished professional with over 30 years of experience in international business, project management, process re-engineering and cross-functional team education. He specializes in directional vision analysis, strategic execution and change management.

He has successfully applied these skills to a variety of businesses, both large and small, and across a number of industries. He is also a skilled facilitator who enjoys motivating and developing people to reach their full potential.

Prior to founding TSD, he worked for Toyota Motor Corporation in Japan and the U.S. He supervised all lean training at the company’s first North American plant in Georgetown, Kentucky. This gave him a rare insight into both the culture and mechanics of lean management. He later helped TSD design and implement the Ford Production System (FPS), resulting in a significant one-year savings of over $28 million at a Ford engine plant in Cleveland, Ohio.

Achievements and Honors

In the world of movies, john lean is right up there with the best and most innovative of his time. Among his many accolades is the fact that he is credited with being the first British film director to receive an Academy Award for directing. He was also the recipient of a slew of honorary degrees from universities across the globe.

Aside from his contributions to cinema, he was the mastermind behind many of the technological marvels that have graced the silver screen over the years. One of his most famous achievements was the creation of the IMAX format. He is also credited with introducing the modern movie goer to awe-inspiring vistas of the natural world. He was named a Royal Society of Arts life member and a Chevalier of the Louvre in France for his contributions to film and the arts.

Personal Life

Despite being a highly accomplished director, john lean was unable to maintain a long-term relationship. He married six times and was divorced several times, each time for short periods of time.

In the early 1950s, after his divorce from Todd and the acrimonious split with flamboyant producer Sam Spiegel, he began to explore international filmmaking. This culminated in Summer Madness/Summertime, which was shot in Venice and features Katharine Hepburn.

The film was an enormous success and marked Lean’s first venture into a more ‘epic’ style of filmmaking. It won him his first Oscar and was named to the Library of Congress National Film Registry.

Net Worth

Whether they started from nothing, were heirs to a fortune, or listed their companies, the Toronto area is home to many people who made it rich. Some of them built businesses in traditionally Canadian industries, and others worked hard and grew their wealth through listing stocks on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Regardless of the source, net worth is a way to measure your financial health. It includes your assets, such as stocks and real estate, as well as your liabilities, such as a mortgage or your retirement account.

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