John Littles

John Littles

John Littles is the Executive Director for Mcintosh Sustainable Environment Economic Development (McSEED) which provides technical assistance to grassroots organizations and asset-based economic development, food systems, education systems and land preservation and retention.

He has a passion for working with landowners and growing economies in rural communities. He relies on volunteers and partnerships to help keep these projects going.

Early Life and Education

john littles has been known to commit crimes from an early age, including theft and burglary. He also committed fraud, rape and armed robbery.

In his teens, he got into trouble with the law and was sent to juvenile detention. He later went to prison, where he served 10 years from various crimes.

While in jail, Little became a competitive boxer. He had an interest in martial arts and thought that if he practiced it, he could achieve the same physique as Bruce Lee.

Professional Career

John Littles’ professional career spanned over 30 years. He has been a financial restructuring consultant and lead counsel for distressed companies, secured creditors and equity investors.

He has also served as a bankruptcy valuation expert in both Chapter 11 and out of chapter. His assignments have included a variety of services, such as valuations for business plan analysis and development, working capital management, debt capacity, cash flow modeling, break-even analysis, leasehold and real estate issues, pension funding and more.

He has a strong interest in philosophy, modern history and the works of philosophers. He also has a passion for bodybuilding and weight training.

Achievements and Honors

The University of Georgia’s Circle of Honor is honoring four alumni for their athletic achievement and dedication to the school. Those recognized include football defensive back John Little, basketball player Kelly and Coco Miller and swimmer Stefanie Williams.

Little, a former star roverback at Georgia, was named first-team All-America and SEC in 1985 and 1986. He recorded 381 career tackles, best in school history for a defensive back and ranks seventh overall.

He was also a two-time Academic All-SEC selection. He was a key member of Georgia’s successful 1986 team, which captured the SEC championship and played in the national title game. Despite injuries, Little remained one of the nation’s top defenders and was an all-time favorite with fans. He was named to the Georgia/Florida Hall of Fame in 2022.

Personal Life

John Little has a low public profile and prefers to keep his paintings on canvas rather than granting interviews. He has always rendered Montreal’s urban landscape in a signature style that blends nostalgic whimsy with gritty realism.

Despite his modesty, Little has a strong connection to the city. He grew up in Mount Royal, where he developed an intense passion for sports.

When he isn’t painting, Little enjoys playing hockey with friends. He has also written a children’s book series, the Littles Books. Those books have sold over 10 million copies worldwide.

Net Worth

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In addition to his career in acting, John has also become a successful stock trader. He has a huge portfolio and sells thousands of units on average every month!

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