John Loresch

John Loresch, 47, of the 1300 Block of Monomoy Street in Aurora, is in Jail on Five Counts of Burglary

John Loresch, 47 of the 1300 block of Monomoy Street in Aurora, is accused of deceiving employees at multiple businesses into giving him cash. Police allege he pretended to have permission from business owners to take money.

Aurora police arrested Loresch and charged him with five counts of burglary after receiving information from other departments in the Chicago area.

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Professional Career

John Loresch is a professional scam artist who has made several high-profile arrests over the years. He’s accused of spinning bizarre stories and has earned himself the moniker “Words & Words Man” for his ability to manipulate language to deceive his victims.

In one particularly deceptive scam, Loresch claimed to be a friend of the owner at an Elmhurst vapor company and needed his car towed to Monroe, Wisconsin, for medical reasons. Reports indicate he made an impressive $180 in the process – though whether this amount was real is uncertain; police have confirmed Loresch has been arrested several times in Chicago area for similar schemes.

Personal Life

John Loresch, 47, is charged with five counts of burglary for allegedly using a deceptive technique to deceive employees into giving him cash from their registers. Aurora police report that this scheme began in July.

Police arrested Loresch after multiple Chicago area law enforcement agencies provided them with information. He was then captured on surveillance footage, according to police reports.

Loresch told employees at Get Bazzy and Jimmy John’s that he knew the business owners, and needed money for a tow truck. Police reported that both stores gave him money; however, it was later discovered that this money had been taken advantage of by him.

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