John McCuin

John McCuin

John McCuin is an accomplished painter whose artwork aims to capture the viewer’s attention with expressive handling, stunning compositions, captivating content and technical mastery. He works in oil and charcoal mediums.

McCuin is currently being held at the Lucas County Corrections Center on a total bond of $105,000 and scheduled to appear in court later Thursday morning.

Early Life and Education

In the United States, early childhood education and care is typically provided by private providers. Unfortunately, children enrolled in these programs face many of the same issues as other Americans: lack of access to health care, often missing out on essential services.

Unfortunately, these issues often go undetected and can lead to other problems such as mental health declines, low educational results and inadequate social skills. These matters are crucial because they affect long-term economic development as well as quality of life for all children.

Early years are essential for a child’s lifelong development. They offer them an ideal window of time to build cognitive, emotional and social abilities that will guide them throughout school and adulthood.

Professional Career

John McCuin is an oil painter based in Dallas, Texas. He creates works with a range of subject matters and styles (trompe l’oeil, portraiture, figurative, landscape, floral) that engage viewers through captivating content, expressive handling, beautiful composition, and technical mastery.

He draws inspiration from 19th century academic painters, contemporary representational painters and abstract painters of the past century. In his paintings he strives to combine strong nonobjective compositions with technical proficiency in order to create works which engage viewers’ minds while they attempt to unravel illusions created through methodical mastery.

In addition to his art career, he is also a Chartered Accountant in private practice and serves as an advisor for several charities. Additionally, he serves as Finance Trustee/Director of Spitalfields Festival and Honorary Treasurer of St Paul’s Cathedral Chorister Trust.

Achievements and Honors

John McCuin is an artist whose paintings captivate viewers through expressive handling, stunning compositions, captivating content and technical mastery. He specializes in oil painting and tackles various subject matters including trompe l’oeil pieces.

McPhee-McCuin, as head coach of the Ole Miss women’s basketball team, guided Shakira Austin to first-team all-conference honors and helped develop Angel Baker into one of Division I’s premier centers. Additionally, she guided them to their first SEC Tournament win since 2003 season.

McPhee-McCuin guided Jacksonville to a 13-17 record and 10-8 Atlantic Sun record during her first season, culminating with a 67-65 victory against Mercer that earned them a place in the A-Sun Tournament.

Personal Life

John McCuin has always been there for his wife Cindy during difficult times. He supported her addiction to painkillers and even combed her hair when she suffered from fibromyalgia.

McCuin said despite all of his challenges, he’s enjoyed living in Yankton with his family for 10 years. Recently retired, he spends more time at home with two daughters Kaitlyn and Kylie as well as their new granddaughter Yasmine Lee.

On August 21, 2015, Suellen Kozey, 49 of Essex, CT passed away. Survived by her husband Scott and children Maddy and Owen; her mother Madelyn Hart Kozey of Old Saybrook; sister Marilyn Abrahamsson from Quaker Hill; and brother Paul Kozey from Enfield – she was a member of Our Lady of Sorrows Church in Essex.

Net Worth

John McCain enjoyed a renowned political career, earning an estimated $16 million as of 2018. Much of his net worth came from his political activities.

He served in the US Senate from 1987 until his passing at age 81 in 2018. A highly-respected senator and veteran, his work cut across party lines.

McCain amassed considerable wealth through his real estate holdings. He and his wife Cindy owned at least seven properties.

Additionally, he owned a 15-acre ranch in Sedona, Arizona worth approximately $1 million. Additionally, his family possessed several luxurious cars.

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