John McEndree

John McEndree

John McEndree was a highly esteemed leader of the Methodist Church and an esteemed scholar and teacher of science at McKendree College.

His leadership of the school helped boost enrollment to an all-time high. Additionally, he spearheaded renovation work on Bothwell Chapel. A dedicated husband and father, Mr. Harris was an inspiring figure.

Early Life and Education

John McEndree was born in San Francisco, California to parents William and Lorraine. When John turned five years old, their father William passed away, leaving his mother Lorraine to care for both him and his sister Linda.

He had an enjoyable childhood and excelled in school. He was incredibly intelligent and loved to learn new things. Additionally, his passion for animals led him to pursue a career as a veterinarian.

He eventually met his beloved Jeanine and they were married for over 51 years, sharing a life-long bond of soulmates and best friends.

John was an amazing provider and protector for his family, offering advice when needed. He was also a wonderful brother to his sister Linda and her family; everyone will miss him dearly.

Professional Career

John McEndree was an exemplary educator, dedicated to providing his students with the best education possible. As a caring teacher, his dedication and expertise were well-known throughout the education community.

He served as an inspiring role model for his students and was a true family man. He provided for and protected his daughters Jennifer, Julia and Jeanette with diligence, while remaining an amazing husband to Jeanine for 51 years.

He was the proud recipient of numerous accolades and awards for his dedication to education and the community, including being named Teacher of the Year, being named a distinguished educator, as well as receiving multiple other honors. However, nothing quite compared to being chosen to attend a special college program in Arizona where he earned a doctorate degree in education.

Achievements and Honors

McKendree University has a proud tradition of alumni who make an impact in their communities, whether through service, career advancements or academic achievements. These individuals leave lasting imprints on those around them.

Glen Kinder, a 2002 graduate from Eddyville, Ky., is an active William McKendree Society donor and friend of the Hett. Additionally, he’s proud to be part of Alpha Phi Omega – America’s largest community service fraternity – for many reasons.

He volunteers at 4-H and the Second Chance Homeless Shelter in East St. Louis and was named Student Lincoln Laureate for 2002.

He’s a former student ambassador and member of New Student Orientation, intramural sports and SSM Health Physical Therapy’s Run for the Mission. Additionally, he contributes to Annual Fund and McKendree University online ambassadorship initiatives.

Personal Life

John McEndree was an incredibly kind individual who deeply cared for his family. He worked to ensure his mother Lorraine was taken care of in her later years and contributed to many home projects.

He was an incredible friend and mentor to his wife Jeanine. They shared a lifetime of love together as true soulmates.

He was a proud father to Jennifer, Julia and Jeanette whom he cherished deeply. A dedicated worker, he took pleasure in helping others make a difference in their lives by making an impact.

Net Worth

John McEnroe’s net worth is estimated to be $100 million. This wealth comes from various sources such as prize money, endorsement deals and his role as a TV commentator.

The former tennis player began his professional career in 1978 and quickly achieved success on the ATP Tour. Additionally, he earned substantial amounts of money by winning prizes at Wimbledon and the US Open.

He was also able to secure several endorsement deals with brands such as Dunlop. Additionally, his small music career after retirement earned him some money.

McEnroe has been married to actress Tatum O’Neal from 1986 until 1994 and singer Patty Smyth since 1997. They have six children together and reside in New York City.

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