John Odam

John Odam

He was a dedicated husband, father and grandfather who lived up to the values and teachings he received from his loving family. He lived life to the fullest, savoring every moment with passion.

Odam was a beloved member of the Texas legal community, his 50 year career being highlighted by an impressive list of accomplishments. He served as Chairman of the Harris County Democratic Party and special assistant to Houston mayor Kathy Whitmire among many other roles.

Early Life and Education

John Adams, a native of Abilene, Texas and product of his family’s teachings of values, integrity, honor and national loyalty, was instilled with these ideals throughout his childhood years. These beliefs would guide him throughout the rest of his life.

He attended Abilene High School, serving as student council president and lip-syncing to Elvis Presley’s “Hound Dog.” After graduation from the University of Texas at Austin, he and his wife Peggy moved to Houston.

Odam’s legal career took off when he joined the staff of Texas Attorney General John Hill’s office. Throughout his tenure with the AG’s office, Odam earned numerous accolades for his work.

He also dedicated his time to political causes, serving as Chairman of the Harris County Democratic Party from 1982 to 1984. Additionally, he served as special assistant to Houston mayor Kathy Whitmire and legislative counsel for Texas Governor Mark White.

Professional Career

John Odam’s professional career was in the publishing industry. He grew up in England and earned his degree from Leicester College of Art, but unlike most of his classmates he chose not to pursue advertising; instead focusing on writing.

He served as art director and editor for Verbum, Step-by-Step Electronic Design, Print, and Before & After magazines. Additionally, he taught computer graphics at an English university.

He was married to Trashelle Odam and together they had five children. They reside in a large mansion in Meridian, Idaho where they enjoy traveling and creating memories.

Achievements and Honors

Over his long and distinguished career, Odum made numerous significant contributions to ecology and general systems theory. These included his pioneering work on recycling treated sewage into cypress swamps, which ultimately resulted in wetlands being recognized as an effective water quality improvement ecosystem.

He made significant contributions to energy management and environmental engineering, publishing numerous papers on the connections between economics and ecology as well as emphasizing the necessity of striking a balance between conservation and development.

General Barbara Holcomb of USAMRMC and Fort Detrick began the morning ceremony by congratulating all attendees. She was joined by Mr. Gregg Stevens, Army Medical Department Civilian Corps chief, who moderated a quarterly town hall discussion after the awards ceremony concluded.

Personal Life

John Adams was a loving husband and father who always made time for his family. He possessed great honor, integrity, as well as being an inspiring teacher.

He had a deep appreciation of life, always seeking to learn, grow and progress. An avid reader, writer and political enthusiast, he was passionate about politics and understanding its complexities.

Odam was an active member of the Texas Democratic Party and served as Chairman of Houston County’s party. In 1990 he ran for Attorney General with a historic campaign that included touring all 254 courthouses throughout Texas; additionally he served as special legislative counsel to Governor Perry.

He and his wife Trashelle are relatively newcomers to the Republican donor scene; their construction company donated $100,000 to Corey Lewandowski’s pro-Trump super PAC in June 2021.

Net Worth

John Odams is a professional car racer who recently made an appearance on the hit TV show Street Outlaws. His inclusion in the season captured the attention of many viewers.

The 6’4″ athlete is an accomplished GTR racer and has been in the industry for over two decades. Additionally, he owns several companies and enjoys spending time with his wife.

His wife Trashelle Odom has been an incredible support to him throughout the years. They share five children together, including daughter Scarlett Odom and son Holland Odom.

He founded two construction companies – HMH Construction and Skyline Homes & Developments. Under his guidance, numerous residential and commercial projects were completed throughout Meridian, Idaho.

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