John Oldendorff

John Oldendorff

John Oldendorff, founder of Oldendorff Carriers and master of shipping for over 100 years, is now the Managing Director of the company and oversees its global operations.

The company boasts an impressive fleet of 111 ships, including 21 owned vessels, 13 time chartered vessels and 4 bareboat chartered ones. With an average age of 4.78 years, they say they are well positioned to maintain a youthful and fuel efficient fleet in the future.

Early Life and Education

John Oldendorff was born in Riverside, CA into a military family and was raised with military values. In 1905 he enlisted in the US Navy and went on to attend the Naval Academy at Annapolis, MD, graduating with the rank of lieutenant.

Once he completed his studies, he served aboard the armored cruiser USS California (ACR-6) for two years before transferring to the destroyer USS Preble. During this period, he also conducted recruiting duties in Baltimore and Pittsburgh.

Once he received his ensign commission, he returned to sea and served in various commanding officer roles aboard various vessels. During World War II, he served as commander of Cruiser Division 4; playing an integral role in Admiral Chester Nimitz’s island-hopping strategy that resulted in the capture of Kwajalein and subsequent assault on Peleliu. His cruisers played a vital role in these campaigns.

Professional Career

As director of Greenpeace’s oceans campaign, John has spearheaded some of the planet’s most prominent environmental campaigns. Notable among his many accomplishments is that he successfully implemented the first cap on factory fishing for menhaden in Chesapeake Bay – a major victory for Greenpeace and its supporters.

John has achieved many remarkable things, such as spearheading the world’s largest submarine expedition to the Bering Sea and organizing a three month long research expedition to assess the true scope and impact of the BP Horizon oil spill involving scientists from over a dozen independent institutions. Additionally, John won numerous awards for his marine science achievements, such as leading the first manned underwater exploration of deepest canyon in history. A true explorer at heart, John always keeps busy while mastering modern technology’s most impressive feats.

Achievements and Honors

He served as a naval officer and received numerous honors. Additionally, he was an acclaimed businessman.

Two days after his 21st birthday, he became a partner in Lilienfeld & Holmuth, an established shipping firm in Hamburg, Germany. There, he expanded their fleet beyond North Sea and Baltic coal and timber trades into tramping activities.

He owned a small fleet of steamers, including Birte Oldendorff, Dorthe Oldendorff and Irene Oldendorff (all around 3,000 dwt), for North Sea and Baltic trades. Additionally he had Klaus Oldendorff with 5,500 dwt for tramping purposes.

Personal Life

John has extensive experience on the global maritime law scene and an in-depth library of research materials that enable him to stay abreast of industry changes. With an impressive list of credentials and a vast library, John remains fully equipped with knowledge to meet any challenge that may arise for his clients.

Oldendorff Carriers is proud to be part of a team that has been recognized for its success in shipbuilding, chartering and operation. Established in 1921, they have evolved from being local-focused to become one of the largest drybulk carriers globally with an order book of 38 newbuildings including 21 owned vessels and 13 time chartered vessels. With this impressive array of capabilities, Oldendorff Carriers claims they can offer services to shipowners and operators alike – from construction to maintenance – at all stages of shipping cycles, in all weather conditions around the world.

Net Worth

John Oldendorff is a shipping tycoon with an estimated net worth of over $1 billion. He’s one of the most successful shipowners in history, operating his company Oldendorff Carriers out of Lubeck, Germany with 70 vessels for dry bulk and energy transport. Over his career he has amassed an immense fortune and been described as one of Europe’s wealthiest men. Furthermore, John Oldendorff has been involved with oil trade from suspicious locations like Middle East, Ukraine and Russia; plus his activities have sparked investigations by both German public prosecutor’s office and Investigate Europe investigations into him.

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