John Redfield

John Redfield

John Wesley Redfield was a leader of the holiness movement who stirred both sleepy sinners and careless Christians alike. Through his ministry, men and women were brought to repentance and fully set free.

John has recently joined Faris Lee Investments as director, where he will draw upon his years of experience servicing private and institutional owners to provide the highest level of retail real estate advisory. His focus will be in acquisitions/dispositions and asset management of retail assets with special expertise in net lease, portfolio sales, sale-leaseback transactions, as well as anchored shopping centers.

Early Life and Education

Early life and education play a critical role in shaping an individual’s future. Research into early child development shows that these experiences shape one’s cognitive capacity, behavioral patterns, as well as physical and mental wellbeing.

This 3-minute video provides an introduction to how early experiences shape a person’s later life, and shows how investments in early childhood can improve outcomes for all children and their families.

John Redfield attended several schools during his childhood. He received classical training in piano and music theory, then switched to jazz music and began performing professionally. He has performed with renowned musicians such as Peggy Lee, Bobby Vinton, and Steve Allen. Additionally, John has taught music to many students while serving as a music teacher at the University of Chicago.

Professional Career

John has an impressive professional history that includes collaborations with Peggy Lee, Bobby Vinton, Steve Allen, Terry Gibbs, Louis Bellson, Ed Thigpen Milt Jackson Cab Calloway and Bill Porter’s band at the Chicago Fairmont Hotel.

In 2003, he founded the Elemental Strings program at Santa Monica-Malibu public school district. Today, it includes an elementary string orchestra, middle school full orchestra and band ensembles.

He has also made a name for himself in the medical community as an accomplished researcher. As an advocate of therapeutic HIV vaccine, he played an integral role in helping the U.S. Army create its first successful clinical HIV vaccine based on protein gp160; known as “Redfield-Pasteur vaccine”, which was patented in 1996 and became an industry standard.

Achievements and Honors

Redfield, who sits on the Advisory Board for the Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography, has made significant advances in aquatic science. His long-term research has helped shape our global comprehension of water cycles, ecosystems and carbon cycling at all scales – from process levels to global ones.

Professor of English at Brown University, his research interests encompass British, American, French and German literature as well as literary theory with an emphasis on romanticism and its intersections with philosophy. He has published five books including Phantom Formations: Aesthetic Ideology and the Bildungsroman (1996; MLA First Book Prize winner) and The Politics of Aesthetics: Nationalism, Gender, Romanticism (2003).

His dedication to teaching goes far beyond the classroom, with him being renowned for his unprompted support of students both inside and outside the classroom. He often assists them with scholarships, jobs, publishing contracts and stays in contact with them even after they have left the classroom.

Personal Life

Redfield, a self-described “theater nut,” was an accomplished theater director and actor who created and performed his own plays. His most renowned work, The Celestine Prophecy, achieved worldwide success and made Redfield a household name.

Scientist, Redfield conducted research in the field of conchology. His discoveries were documented in multiple papers and his contributions were instrumental to founding the scientific discipline known as conchology.

His first novel, The Celestine Prophecy, became a New York Times best seller and inspired a 2006 film adaptation.

Net Worth

John Redfield is a virologist and medical researcher with an estimated net worth of $2.4 million. He owns 7,913 units of Cincinnati Bell stock.

His largest trade was selling 50,000 units of Cincinnati Bell stock on January 27th 2015 for a total value of $372,500. Since 2004, he has traded an average of 10,189 units every 85 days.

He has also provided financial support to numerous businesses, including the construction of the Reno Convention Center.

In addition to his large stone mansion on Mt. Rose Street in Reno, he owned a substantial amount of real estate.

His property taxes were high, and he often advocated for their reduction. He enjoyed gambling heavily; walking from his home on Forest Street to downtown Reno to do so. He smoked cigars and enjoyed being social.

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