John Reim

John Reim

John Reim was the former president of Immanuel Lutheran Seminary in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and an educator for twenty-two years.

He was renowned as a professor and choir director. Additionally, he taught German, Greek, religion, and piano classes with great passion.

Early Life and Education

Early experiences and environments shape a child’s development significantly. While positive experiences and environments can propel them down an advantageous path, adverse ones can have lasting consequences.

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One of these great minds was Friedrich Froebel. He believed that children should be taught in an engaging and stimulating manner.

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Professional Career

John Reim had an illustrious professional career that spanned over 33 years. Professor Reim spearheaded the charge to transform Immanuel Lutheran High School, College and Seminary in Eau Claire, Wisconsin into the preeminent Lutheran high school and college in the state of Wisconsin.

He was renowned for his work as choir director and music teacher, but also managed to be involved in many other departments at ILC. He taught German, Greek, piano, organ as well as classes ranging from religious studies to pure academic pursuits. His skill at selecting top-notch materials and methods met all students’ needs. Furthermore, he served as campus minister and pastor on top of these duties.

Achievements and Honors

BG Reim has been in the acquisition business for most of his military career, and has been recognized by his peers with multiple awards for outstanding performance. His most renowned assignments include serving as senior director of acquisition for Joint Special Operations Command, overseeing a budget exceeding $1 billion. Currently, he serves as a Managing Director in Morgan Stanley’s Private Wealth Management division. BG Reim has received numerous honors throughout his life, including a gold medal from the Naval Academy and appointment as an officer of the most esteemed order of the Navy – the Distinguished Service Cross (DSC). A proud member of his illustrious family, BG Reim currently resides in Pennsylvania with his wife, three children, and two dogs.

Personal Life

MAJ Rem is survived by his loving wife, COL Christine T. Rem (R), their many children, step-children and grandchildren as well as dedicated nursing colleagues from District 9 Nurses Association and The Foundation of New York State Nurses.

He was a loving brother, father and grandfather to many. Fond memories of weddings, births, graduations, holiday parties, camping trips and travels will remain in the hearts and souls of his family and friends forever.

In 1995, during his freshman year at John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio, he had an encounter that profoundly shaped him. “It posed a question I hadn’t considered before and fundamentally altered my perspective on religion,” he recalls.

Net Worth

John Reim is a singer-songwriter and film producer with an estimated net worth of $75 million. He’s best known as the lead vocalist of R.E.M., which he co-founded with Peter Buck.

He has collaborated with many renowned musicians, such as Peter Gabriel and Tori Amos. With over 35 years of experience in the music industry, he is one of the richest former members of R.E.M.

He has sold more than 90 million albums and earned a substantial amount of money through touring, merchandising and music videos. Furthermore, he owns numerous art collections and real estate investments. Furthermore, Elton John has made substantial funds through his philanthropic activities with the Elton John AIDS Foundation and Rockefeller Foundation.

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