John Servello

John Servello, a Veteran of the Navy, Has Passed Away

John Servello is a successful businessman. He owns multiple businesses and has built them to become highly profitable ventures.

He has also achieved success in his personal life. Married for many years and fathering several children, he currently resides in the Greater New York City area.

Early Life and Education

John served his country on the high seas for nearly two decades, an accomplishment not often achieved. A Naval Academy graduate, he captained the Cyclone-class patrol ship USS Squall in the Persian Gulf and cruisers USS Nitze and Leyte Gulf while serving as instructor and detailer at Navy Personnel Command in Millington, Tenn. Away from sailing around the world, John also made time for family responsibilities including being a proud husband and devoted father; plus his stellar career in communications had him making friends and building long-lasting relationships with colleagues of all ranks.

Servello was the proud recipient of both a gold medal for service in the military and two Distinguished Alumnus Awards, one of which was for his work in communications.

Professional Career

Servello, who grew up in Altoona and attended Penn State University, pursued his hobby of painting as a career. He worked as a book illustrator and also painted iconic local landmarks.

He is a well-known painter in the area and recently won an award for his artwork. Generally, he works on commission, but he also creates some original paintings from time to time.

Servello had been a Public Affairs Officer for the Navy for almost a decade when he was accused of hitting a woman at an office Christmas party in 2016. According to a heavily redacted report from the Pentagon’s Inspector General, Servello was reassigned in July 2017 to another position nine months after these allegations surfaced.

Achievements and Honors

Servello, an accomplished artist, has received numerous accolades. Additionally, he has illustrated over 70 books.

Following graduation, he taught art for several years at Altoona’s now-defunct Servello Gallery.

He has painted and sculpted a variety of subjects, but his favorite has been the layered wood technique. This allows him to express his fantasy, according to him.

His artwork has been showcased in galleries and the Arts Foundation of Altoona. Executive Director Kate Shaffer appreciates the three-dimensional effect created by his layered wood pieces.

He was the son of Rosario and Giuseppa Servello. Survived by his wife Carol, he was predeceased by two brothers: Frank Servello and Orlando Servello. Additionally, he leaves behind many nieces, nephews, as well as friends to cherish his memory.

Personal Life

Servo was an accomplished sailor who served in various capacities. He captained a Cyclone class patrol ship in the Persian Gulf and served as chief engineer on a cruiser, according to his official bio. Ashore at Navy Personnel Command in Millington, Tenn., Servo led more than 60 vessels and shore commands during exercise with over 600 sailors according to a Naval Academy spokesperson. But none of Servo’s accolades could compare with his command as commander of USS Paul Ignatius where he earned both top performance ratings and superior leadership abilities.

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