John Severini

John Severini

John Severini is an experienced travel industry executive who has held senior executive positions with Disney Cruise Line, Royal Cruise Line and R.S. Ventures. Currently, he serves as president of Trafalgar Tours.

Severini was a painter who expressed the speed and energy of modern life that had become associated with the Futurist movement. His nightclub scenes captured this essence by using rhythmic forms and vibrant hues to elicit sensations of motion and sound.

Early Life and Education

Early in Severini’s life, he encountered many misadventures. As a teenager, his Italian school system expelled him for stealing exam papers.

Despite these obstacles, he continued to paint and hone his artistic talents. In 1906 he relocated to Paris where he encountered the artists of Montmartre.

He adopted a more structured, formal approach to composition; rather than deconstructing forms, he sought to bring geometric order to his paintings. This marked an evolution from Synthetic Cubism to Neo-Classicism.

He participated in the Rome Biennale from 1923 to 1925 and then turned his attention towards fresco and mosaic techniques. In the 1920s, he collaborated with Benito Mussolini’s “Third Rome” project for murals and mosaics.

Professional Career

John Severini was an exemplary individual who enjoyed every aspect of life. A true professional, he was active in several fields such as banking and sports. Additionally, he took great pride in serving his community by volunteering at his church and being part of several local organizations.

He achieved a great deal, including serving as head boys’ soccer coach at Haverford High School and becoming an assistant coach for Lower Merion. An accomplished defender with a knack for winning and teaching his players the ropes, he will always remain remembered by his family, friends, and teammates as a caring individual who never missed an opportunity to help out anyone in need. His legacy will live on through his family members, teammates and friends for years to come.

Achievements and Honors

John Severini was the epitome of cool, with an array of awards and accolades to his name. His most recent patent was for $1 million with a major medical device manufacturer and his most prestigious position as Vice President at Fortune 500 company. Additionally, John received a $2 million grant from National Science Foundation for innovation in computer hardware and software design. Additionally, Severini stays abreast of technology by attending conferences around the world to stay abreast of developments.

Personal Life

John Severini currently resides in Long Island City, New York but has also lived in Cape Coral, Florida; Sunrise, Florida; Highlands, New Jersey and Pompano Beach, Florida.

He was born in Cortona, Italy to a low-income family. He attended Catholic school but was expelled after stealing exam papers.

In 1909, Severini traveled to Europe and encountered Futurism. This movement sought to revitalize art by depicting the speed and energy of modern life; Severini shared this artistic interest.

At this point, he began painting still lifes with a Synthetic Cubist aesthetic, in which objects are deconstructed to their constituent parts. These works were accompanied by more formal compositional techniques which he would later embrace fully during the 1920s.

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