John Sgueglia

John Sgueglia

John Sgueglia is a Director of Manufacturing for Colt’s Manufacturing Company Llc in West Hartford, Connecticut and works within the Sporting Goods Manufacturing industry.

Sgueglia, an International Studies major, has fully embraced his Italian heritage. While living abroad in Rome with an Italian friend, he learned about the European Union, European politics and country’s history.

Early Life and Education

Early childhood education is an integral component of a child’s development. It includes activities like play, singing, dancing and learning from their environment.

Children form the foundations of their social skills, self-esteem, world view and moral outlook during this period. Additionally, it helps them hone their cognitive abilities.

This period is the most rapid in brain development and presents a unique window of opportunity for education.

In the United States, early childhood care and education is a vast field. It encompasses day nurseries and nursery schools, family childcare services and pre-school programs, as well as school-age ECEC (including kindergarten or primary schooling).

Achievements and Honors

John Sgueglia’s most renowned work was his carving of the Last Supper scene in the altar of sacrifice at Assumption Catholic Church. Additionally, he carved communion rails that hang in Adoration Chapel of the church.

While at UK, he gained his first exposure to academic administration by serving as a student representative on an Arts and Sciences committee that created the new International Studies major. It’s testament to his knack for languages that his studies of Italian led him to an internship with PreGel, an Italian-owned company in Charlotte, N.C. that imports gelato and raw pastry ingredients. This experience allowed him to combine his interests in business and international affairs with history, politics and culture.

Personal Life

Sgueglia’s passion for travel and international affairs is evident in his interest in Italian history. In his free moments he enjoys reading up on the region’s varied political history (he notes that Italy has over 30 parties), watching soccer matches, and learning the country’s regional dialects.

Sgueglia fell in love with Rome during his studies there, falling in love with its culture and atmosphere. From gondola rides to outdoor cafes and Roman monuments, Sgueglia felt a part of Rome – an integral part of it.

He has never married or dated, preferring to keep his personal life private. He plans on remaining single and enjoying life while focusing on his professional career – an attitude which is common among those in his age group. A dedicated and hardworking actor, he strives for perfection every day.

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