John Shagoury

John Shagoury – President & COO of IntelyCare

IntelyCare is a software platform and app designed for post-acute healthcare facilities to automate staff optimization and expansion. Established in 2015, the company is headquartered in Quincy, Massachusetts.

IntelyCare was founded by a trio of tech executives with extensive experience in healthcare and software sectors. John Shagoury, the Chief Executive Officer, comes from Eliza Corporation – a healthcare analytics company which he successfully acquired by an investment bank.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

John Shagoury has had a distinguished career in the technology sector. Currently, he serves as President & COO of IntelyCare, an innovative tech firm that offers workforce management solutions to post-acute healthcare facilities.

The company is experiencing an impressive surge of growth, having recently secured $115 million in equity investments from Janus Henderson Investors. Despite these resources, Shagoury still needs more space to accommodate his expanding staff. He’s decided to relocate a few doors down from Quincy headquarters into two floors at Presidents Place office complex and hired an experienced broker for assistance. Plus, as a nice bonus, Shagoury will receive a complimentary bottle of wine as part of the celebration for making this major change!

Achievements and Honors

John Shagoury is a renowned software and healthcare IT industry veteran with an impressive four-decade career. Currently, he serves as President & Chief Operating Officer of IntelyCare, a mobile app development company headquartered in Quincy, Massachusetts that creates workforce management platforms and applications to optimize and augment staff for post-acute care facilities automatically.

In addition to the trifecta mentioned above, he is an enthusiast for technological advances in smart home automation and robotics. His passion for innovation and ability to see the big picture are traits common among successful CEOs – often serving as a reason why they are able to retain their top talent.

Personal Life

John Shagoury is the President & Chief Operating Officer at IntelyCare, a mobile application for post-acute care facilities that streamlines staffing. He is based in Quincy, Massachusetts.

Established in 2015, IntelyCare is a mobile app for post-acute healthcare facilities that automatically optimizes and augments staff. Their mission is to enhance patient outcomes and reduce hospital readmission rates.

John is an accomplished executive with extensive knowledge and experience in the software and healthcare IT industries. Most recently, he served as CEO of Eliza Corporation – a private equity-backed HCIT company sold to HMS Holdings in 2017 – and prior to that served as president of Nuance Communications’ Healthcare division. With his demonstrated record of driving business performance, growth, and strategic success, John makes an invaluable addition to IntelyCare’s management team.

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