John Taranto

John Taranto

Joe Taranto is a celebrated musician, composer and producer. He has collaborated with an array of acclaimed artists across many genres both live onstage and in the studio.

He is a renowned drummer who performs at the State Netball and Hockey Centre for the International Martial Arts Games, broadcast worldwide. Additionally, his company Ultimate Sound Recording Studios provides drum tracks, music production services and recording for national and international clients.

Early Life and Education

John Taranto was born to Giovanni Taranto and Nunziata Taranto (nee Bonanno) in Louisiana. As an accomplished musician, he collaborated with numerous artists and bands such as Stefany June, Knarsetand (now known as KNARS) and Kees Meerman’s Roots Rising band.

His father, a school teacher, had aspirations for John to become a minister. Unfortunately, John struggled academically and found it hard to focus. Nonetheless, his parents’ persistence paid off as John entered Harvard one year ahead of other students in 1751 – an incredible accomplishment! Afterwards he became an acclaimed educator and author with several books on modern educational theory and history as well as advocating for more integrated approaches which included better preparation for teachers and school leaders.

Professional Career

John Taranto is an experienced intellectual property lawyer with a wealth of knowledge. He has led litigation teams that achieved significant successes in appellate and district court trials for high-profile patent cases, earning him recognition by Managing Intellectual Property as an IP Star in Georgia and Legal Media Group Life Sciences as a General Patent Litigator of the Year South.

In addition to his patent practice, he also serves as a reinvention career coach for baby boomers and late-career professionals. He helps clients reframe their careers and defy ageism. With an interest in the arts, he’s part of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences; some of his clients include film, television and music industry professionals as well as several digital distance learning companies.

Achievements and Honors

John Taranto has achieved much and earned himself the title of incredible leader. His efforts to improve lives around the globe and promote global peace and nuclear disarmament have earned him his admiration and admiration from those within and outside of our society.

He has earned numerous awards and honors throughout his career, such as the Killam Prize, Royal Medal and Wolf Prize in Chemistry.

He is a highly-regarded scientist who has had an immense impact on the University of Toronto and its Faculty of Arts & Science. He has served as mentor to many students and researchers, being known for his passion and unwavering dedication to research in his field.

Personal Life

John Taranto dedicated his life to his family. He was an amazing husband and father, with a special talent for helping others out. Additionally, John Taranto had an immense love of sports – both watching and participating in various forms.

He was an accomplished baseball player and coach of youth softball and flag football at the Boys Club of Laurel, Maryland. Sadly, his many friends and loved ones will mourn his loss.

He had an affinity for music, performing in several bands throughout his career. One notable collaboration was his collaboration with Robin Hunt (Thomas Azier, Stromae) on Stefany June’s O-SHiN and Evva’s debut EP. Additionally, he produced the elemenopee album which proved more complex than its name might suggest.

Net Worth

Glenn Taranto is an American actor and screenwriter best known for his roles as Gomez Addams on The New Addams Family and Ennio Salieri in Mafia: Definitive Edition.

Glenn was born in Hackettstown, New Jersey on January 27, 1959 and quickly rose to success as an actor – his estimated net worth being estimated at $5 Million.

He enjoys a successful acting career and currently resides with his family in Los Angeles, California. For further details regarding his monthly and yearly salaries, primary source of income, cars, lifestyle and more – please follow the links provided below.

He boasts a substantial net worth, having amassed substantial stock in Everest Re Group and making money through trading it. According to his Form 4 filed with the SEC in 2011, he has made over five trades of RE stock since that time.

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