John Tobler

John Tobler

John Hugen Tobler is a British rock music journalist, writer, occasional broadcaster and record company executive. He was one of the founding members of ZigZag – the UK’s first rock music magazine.

He has been writing about music since the late 1960s and has profiled many of America’s and Britain’s prominent musicians of that era. Additionally, he has contributed articles to other music magazines over the decades since.

Early Life and Education

John Tobler was raised in Minneapolis and an accomplished gymnast. As a high school champion, he earned a scholarship to Bemidji State University where he won three national titles.

He went on to set a world record in the high dive and own the Tobler Tumbling and Twisting Center in Anoka, Minnesota – an iconic gymnastics studio that continues to this day.

He is the first Black person to receive a prime construction contract for his company, Tobler Construction. Last year his team put 150 people to work – many of them local residents whose jobs had been lost during the recession. As an advocate of returning good jobs home, his business is located on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in Dunbar district of Fort Myers.

Professional Career

John Tobler is a professional diver and the owner of a gymnastics studio in Anoka. He encourages young girls to pursue their aspirations with hard work and dedication in order to make those dreams come true.

At the age of 10, he began training for athletics and soon after earned himself state and national titles in high school. Following college, he received a degree in physical education.

At the university, Tobler earned himself the distinction of being an All-American in diving and also represented the United States at international competitions.

After graduating from SCSU, Tobler achieved fame as a world record holder in diving and three-meter acrobatic diving. Additionally, he coached many students to success at both international and national competitions.

Achievements and Honors

He achieved many remarkable accomplishments, such as creating a global, latitude-longitude demographic information base with resolution two orders of magnitude better than previously available. Furthermore, he created an elegant two-dimensional mass-preserving areal data redistribution model.

Throughout his career, he has received numerous awards. These include a Lifetime Achievement Award in GIS from ESRI and Doctorate honoris causa from the University of Zurich in Switzerland.

In addition to his research awards, Tobler has also been recognized for his teaching and service to the discipline. He served on numerous committees and was a member of the AAG Council for several years. Furthermore, he is an honorary member of both American Geographic Society and AAG Council.

Personal Life

John Tobler played an important role in bringing Swiss settlers to America’s colonial frontier. He led the first group of 190 Swiss settlers that arrived in Charleston, South Carolina in 1737.

Tobler’s life in South Carolina was an inspiring one. Throughout his tenure, he produced an annual almanac that provided details on moon phases and eclipses, advice on bleeding, a garden calendar, cures for poison and maps of roads in southern colonies.

Tobler also competed in gymnastics and was a high dive world record holder. Nowadays, he owns Tobler’s Gymnastics in Anoka, Minnesota – his daughter-in-law currently works there as well.

Net Worth

John Tobler is an American businessman with a net worth of $800 Thousand. He owns 33,500 units of Vista Gold stock and earns $310,594 as Senior Vice President at the company. Since 2015 he has made 32 trades of Vista Gold stock; selling 33,500 units on November 23 for $18,760 on average over 52 days.

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