John Zhong

John Zhong

John Zhong is a certified public accountant in Minnesota. A CPA is an individual who has completed their undergraduate degree in accounting and passed an exhaustive exam to earn their license.

CPAs have a diverse career path, working in private industry, education or government. They possess expertise in tax preparation, financial planning and business law.

Early Life and Education

Childhood experiences have a profound and long-lasting effect on a child’s development. They lay the groundwork for future learning capacity, behaviors, and health outcomes.

These years are essential in developing relationships between parents, teachers and peers. Children learn essential social-emotional abilities such as self-control, respect for others and the capacity to express themselves and their emotions honestly.

During these formative years of childhood, the brain is rapidly growing and developing. Therefore, it’s essential for kids to have secure and encouraging environments throughout their lives.

Professional Career

John Zhong has been an industry veteran for over a decade and has achieved great success across numerous categories. As an accomplished executive, he has held several leadership positions throughout his career; leading innovation and entrepreneurship as well as employee engagement and reward programs. John is known as a hands-on leader who strives to assist others with finding better work-life balance.

John was appointed head of Schering-Plough’s legal department, responsible for commercial litigation and product liability as well as corporate and compliance matters. Additionally, he served on the boards for multiple subsidiaries within the company. John has an extensive background in intellectual property law with a knack for persuasion; he’s an expert negotiator and an excellent team player.

Achievements and Honors

John Zhong has achieved great success in his professional life. He was recognized as an eminent scientist and innovator in electronics display engineering, creating numerous inventions that are currently found in computers, mobile phones, electronic tablets, and smart watches.

He is also a proud member of the Society for Information Display (SID). SID honors individuals who have made outstanding contributions to display technology development.

He is a pediatric anesthesiologist in Dallas, TX who works for Children’s Health System and Texas Health Dallas. He accepts Medicare insurance and is certified by the American Board of Anesthesia with 29 years of experience. Professionally affiliated with both universities and hospitals, his expertise also extends into emergency medicine.

Personal Life

Zhong has amassed a fortune through his diverse business interests, from marine fuel trading to coconut products. His Chemoil group is one of the world’s largest suppliers of marine fuel while SC Global Developments, based in Singapore with a $1 billion fund for investing in Chinese real estate projects, is another success story.

He and his wife Liu Liangfang live in a two bedroom, three bathroom house in China’s Xihu district. As an accomplished grandfather and recipient of many awards – including a gold medal from the Chinese government for solar energy work – He faces the greatest challenge finding time to spend with his young family members; perhaps most memorablely when his eldest daughter asked him to don her tuxedo for their wedding ceremony.

Net Worth

Zhong is a Chinese billionaire who made his fortune through Nongfu Spring and Beijing Wantai Biological Pharmacy. He owns 85% of Nongfu and 75% of Wantai.

His net worth is estimated to be $68 Billion. He currently resides in a luxurious apartment located in Hangzhou’s Xihu district, overlooking West Lake.

GOBankingRates calculated the net worth of each billionaire using data sourced from Forbes’ “Real-Time Billionaire Tracker” as of July 27, 2021. They then determined whether each billionaire had gained or lost money due to the COVID-19 pandemic thus far.

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