Josh And Troy Lost At Sea

Josh Long and Troy Driscoll – Lost at Sea For Six Days

The saga of two teenage boys, Josh Long and Troy Driscoll, captivated audiences around the world when they were found a week ago off the North Carolina coast. Their story has spawned efforts to write a book about the ordeal. However, there are still many unknowns. While the formal search for the boys has been suspended, private efforts are continuing.

After a fishing trip on April 20 in the Atlantic Ocean, the two boys went adrift. They were lost for six days at sea. At one point, the boys were 130 miles from where they started. The boys were in their small boat, which had no mast or centerboard. During the day, the sun beat down on their bodies. In the night, the ocean chilled them. Attempts to cool off were futile. Sharks and other sea creatures circled them.

The boys had no food or water. They were famished and weak. But they believed they would make a full recovery. When they saw a shooting star the night before, they thought they were close to Africa. Eventually, the teen boys lost sight of the shoreline. As the boat drifted away, the boys became aware that they weren’t going to be able to swim ashore. Rather than stay at sea, they tried to swim back to the coast.

The Coast Guard gave up its search for the two teenagers after they were lost for four days. Neither Josh Long or Troy Driscoll had told their parents where they were. Several agencies and individuals were involved in the search, but none had success. Finally, a sportfishing boat called Renegade discovered the boys and took them to safety.

Throughout the six-day ordeal, the boys wore wet suits to keep them warm. They ate nothing and drank seawater to quench their thirst. Each night, they huddled together for warmth. Despite the cold, the boys were determined to survive.

Throughout their ordeal, the boys sang hymns and talked about God’s intentions. On one particularly chill evening, a ship passed by. It appeared as if they were on the open waters of the Atlantic. However, the ship was a huge containership. Sadly, the ship doused them with wake.

Although the boys were eventually found, they weren’t rescued until late Saturday. Their rescue came at the end of a long and painful ordeal. Not only had the boys been missing for almost a week, but they were stranded at sea with no food or fresh water.

Despite the odds, the boys were miraculously rescued. The fishing boat Renegade had been on a delivery trip from Florida to New Jersey. Luckily, it was passing near where the boys were when it spotted them. A member of the crew of the boat steered the crew towards the boys and rescued them.

Since the incident, the boys have been interviewed and given speeches to groups of all ages. The story has spawned efforts to write about the boys’ ordeal, but there are still questions surrounding their survival. These include whether they have water or life jackets, and if they have food.

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