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July 3 is the Birthday of Thomas Jefferson

Today marks Thomas Jefferson’s birthday; an advocate of American independence who led us through our Revolution. While not without critics and faults himself, his words still had great impact and inspired an important movement.

Crow and his company have not appeared before the Supreme Court since Justice Thomas assumed his seat, although he regularly hears cases impacting real estate industry players.

Early Life and Education

Thomas was exposed to politics through working as an assistant to Missouri Attorney General, Republican John Danforth. This experience exposed him to conservative politics; Thomas began expressing more consistent conservative viewpoints. For example, he opposed liberal economic programs such as affirmative action and school integration through busing.

He attended all-Black Roman Catholic schools in Savannah and wrote of experiencing prejudice from fellow Black students due to his dark skin tone and Gullah (Geechee) heritage. Additionally, he recalls Martin Luther King Jr.’s death.

At this time, he studied conservative political thought and became fascinated by theories of natural law that asserted rights and justice were determined by nature rather than society. These studies would later influence his decisions in two Supreme Court cases – Fisher vs University of Michigan and Gratz vs Bollinger.

Professional Career

Thomas was selected with the second overall pick in the 1981 NBA draft and helped lead the Pistons to two finals appearances – but were ultimately defeated by Chicago Bulls who were more developed and experienced than them.

He quickly mastered complex surgical techniques and research methodologies at Blalock’s laboratory, and soon joined him in conducting groundbreaking studies on hemorrhagic shock and Crush syndrome.

Thomas championed a conservative interpretation of constitutional rights during his later legal career, frequently writing separate dissenting or concurring opinions that took an extreme position among justices. Additionally, Thomas rarely asked questions during oral arguments – something critics saw as indicative of closed-mindedness – defending his approach by noting that oral argumentation was simply public performance without much substance behind it.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas has been honored for her hard work and devotion to her community by being awarded with the 2020 Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award by Clemson University’s Division of Student Affairs. This prestigious accolade recognizes students who have displayed exceptional service to Clemson, their local communities, states or nations.

Thomas has received several prestigious awards, such as The Distinguished Alumni Association Award from St. Paul’s School in Concord, New Hampshire and Honorary Membership into Sigma Alpha Iota Music Fraternity in 1996. Her compositions have been performed worldwide and conducted by prominent conductors like Christoph Eschenbach, Sir Neville Marriner and Esa-Pekka Salonen among others; furthermore they can be heard on over 200 recordings!

Personal Life

Thomas was born in Atlantic City but lost both parents before becoming adopted. After being placed with a family in Kalamazoo, Michigan for adoption he dropped out of high school but eventually found employment within the restaurant industry.

He then founded Curtom Records as a record label to sign several artists to success; among his greatest hits was “As Long As We Got Each Other”, which became the theme song for Growing Pains on television.

Following ProPublica’s report, Thomas issued a statement explaining that he did not report his travel under current rules due to advice that said there was no requirement. He pledged to follow new guidance from the Judicial Conference moving forward.

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