Keke Palmer And Cole Sprouse

Keke Palmer and Cole Sprouse

The aforementioned pair may not be getting into a game of cat and mouse in the near future, but their collaboration has been entertaining to say the least. They teamed up to make the aforementioned aptly named Soulja Boy, and have sworn off the corporate world to pursue their pop culture dreams. While they’re still juggling day jobs, they’ve made some impressive waves in the media. Their most recent big break was a guest role on CBS’s long-running comedy series, The Big Bang Theory. With the show in the rearview mirrors, they’re now working on a new pilot for the network, and a film of their own.

Keke Palmer has been in the entertainment industry for nearly two decades and has racked up some big time credits along the way. This includes her role as the first lady of television show, ER, as well as her starring roles in True Jackson VP, Akeelah and the Bee, and the short lived but oh-so-sweet televised fumbles. She also starred in the aforementioned cult classic, ahem, Scream Queens, amongst many others. Having said that, this is hardly a career-best list. For a while, they both kept jobs in the same company. One of them has even moved on to another show.

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