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The Beaches of Kythnos – Kolona Bay

Kolona Beach on Kythnos stands out as an exquisite and breathtakingly unique experience, located at its namesake bay on the northwestern section near Merichas port and just across from Apokrousi beach, both equally magnificent beaches.

This sandy strip that connects two land masses resembles a column and has earned itself the name. Protected on either side from wind gusts, its beaches are ideal for yacht owners to dock.

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Kolona Beach in Kythnos is one of the best-known and unique spots due to its geomorphology. This sandy beach connects Kythnos Island with the small islet of Agios Loukas (St Luke), creating an isthmus whose strip of sand resembles a column, thus giving this beach its name.

This beach offers breathtaking scenery of crystal clear blue waters and coarse golden sand, perfect for taking advantage of all that nature has to offer. Additionally, its two sides are protected from winds making it an excellent spot for leisure boats.

Merichas can be reached either by sea taxi from the port of Merichas or car over nine kilometers in approximately 20 minutes, passing through Hora, past Apokrousi Beach and following a dirt road with steep inclines.

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Kolona Beach on Kythnos is one of the most stunningly beautiful beaches, boasting sparkling blue waters and coarse golden sand. Sheltered by two harbors on both sides by wind protection, Kolona beach provides the ideal place for swimming and relaxation.

Popular among yacht owners, its beach tavern offers loungers and umbrellas for visitors as well as a beach restaurant.

Merichas Beach lies roughly nine kilometers west of Chora and 17 minutes by sea taxi, providing travelers with an easier alternative than driving over rough island roads. Or visitors may reach it on foot using the path leading from Vryokastro Beach to Apokrousi beach.

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Watch as an incredible James Bond-themed superyacht capsizes just off Kolona bay on Kythnos, Greece, sending shockwaves through its crew and passengers alike. Within minutes of receiving their mayday call from on board, coastguard members quickly responded by saving all five people.

Kolona beach in Kythnos’ northwest section is one of its most stunning. Stretching over 240 meters long, this sandy strip connects Kythnos main island with two small rocky islands via two beaches shared sand by both ends of this long strip.

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