Korean Corn Dogs New Jersey

Korean Corn Dogs in New Jersey

If you’re craving a Korean food, try a Korean corn dog. There are several flavors to choose from: Two Hands, Oh K-Dog, and Jongro Rice. Each one has its own unique flavor and is worth trying. These unique grilled snacks are perfect for sharing with friends.

Jongro Rice

Jongro Rice Hot Dog specializes in Korean rice dogs. These delicious fried dogs are coated in ramen and potato batter. The hot dogs can also be ordered as vegetarian options. The social media-trending mozzarella cheese ‘dogs’ are also a treat for vegetarians. A word of warning: these dogs have a high risk of cheese pulls.

The prices at Jongro Dogs are reasonably affordable for a Midtown Manhattan location, and toppings are free. The only downside is the small menu. Depending on what toppings you want, you may end up with more than you ordered. Nevertheless, you’ll find a variety of flavors.

Two Hands

If you’re craving an authentic Korean corn dog, you’ve come to the right place. With a new location in Soho, you can now get one at Two Hands Korean Corn Dogs, a restaurant that specializes in the Korean dish. The Korean corn dog is a deep-fried corn dog with a sausage and a stick of mozzarella inside. It’s topped with cheese and other delicious toppings.

Originally founded in Virginia, Two Hands now has locations in California, Illinois, Texas, and Arizona. They made their DFW debut in Grand Prairie in 2021 and have since expanded to many other cities. Since then, they’ve opened a location in Arlington’s Parks Mall. They’ve also announced plans to open a new location in Murphy, east of Plano.

Hangry Dog

Hangry Dog is a Korean take on the classic corndog, which has made its way to the United States. Inspired by the Korean hotdog craze, Hangry Dog is an indulgent, sweet treat that is made with chicken hotdogs, mozzarella cheese, and batter. It is then deep fried and covered in sugar.

This unique treat is a staple of Korean street food and is popping up all over the U.S. with creative toppings and flavor combinations. This pop-up restaurant offers six different flavors of their Korean corn dogs, ranging from sweet to savory. The main difference between American corn dogs and Korean corn dogs is that they are made with a rice flour batter, and aren’t as light as American corn dogs.

Oh K-Dog

Oh K-Dog is a chain of Korean rice hot dog and egg toast restaurants. The food is popular both in Korea and in the U.S., especially in NYC and North Jersey. The chain serves egg toast sandwiches and deep-fried hot dogs. Oh K-Dog’s New Jersey location is located on Center Avenue and Main Street.

The menu includes a number of dishes, including rice cake hot dogs, beef dogs, and veggie dogs. There are also four flavors of slush and several varieties of egg toast. There is also a selection of teas, including Thai tea and brown sugar milk tea.

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