Krave New Bedford

Krave New Bedford Public Health Recommendations

Krave New Bedford is an Asian fusion restaurant. The restaurant has opened in the location of Chuck’s China Inn. It is owned by Boramy Green. Here’s a look at the menu and the location. In addition, learn about the restaurant’s public health recommendations for fully and unvaccinated people.

Restaurant & bar in New Bedford, Massachusetts

Krave is a restaurant & bar in New Bedford, Massachusetts. It is located at 1856 Acushnet Avenue. It serves Asian fusion food. The restaurant is owned by Boramy Green. It is open seven days a week, except Sunday. It will replace Chuck’s China Inn.


If you’re looking for a restaurant that specializes in Asian fusion cuisine, you’ve come to the right place. The Krave Restaurant and Bar is located at 1856 Acushnet Avenue in New Bedford, Massachusetts. The restaurant is owned by Boramy Green. The CDC recommends wearing a mask indoors if you’re in a high-transmission area.

Public health recommendations for unvaccinated and fully vaccinated people

In New Bedford, the vaccination rate is around 57%. There are 57,117 fully and partially vaccinated people and 49,709 unvaccinated people. However, in order to receive the recommended vaccines, you must be a citizen of New Bedford or have the consent of a parent.

Public health officials in Krave New Bedford are recommending that people who are not immune to the virus wear masks indoors during outbreaks of COVID-19. In addition to wearing a mask, individuals should also limit their requests to the people in their household and any elderly or vulnerable neighbors.

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