Kristin Chenoweth Neck Brace Wicked

Kristin Chenoweth’s Neck Brace Was Wicked

It’s been a good run, but the Tony and Emmy award-winning star of Broadway’s Wicked, You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown and TV’s Pushing Daisies had her toughest moment yet when she was injured on the set of The Good Wife in July 2012. Chenoweth was hit on her head by a piece of lighting equipment that fell during filming for the drama, TMZ reported. She was rushed to a hospital, where she underwent surgery and is currently recovering.

Despite her injuries, however, Chenoweth still has plenty to keep her busy. She recently announced that she’s resuming her role as Sally Brown on TV’s Pushing Daisies, and she’ll also be touring her solo concert this fall.

The singer and actress has always pushed the limits of what she does on stage, but these days she’s having to scale back a bit, especially when it comes to physicality. At her latest concert tour, Chenoweth promises a more relaxed performance than usual, though she’ll still sing plenty of her signature tunes.

When she’s not singing, Chenoweth is a busy entrepreneur and producer. She recently filmed a new comedy and is a co-host of the American Country Awards, among other projects she’s working on.

In her spare time, she’s trying to raise awareness for migraine and Meniere’s disease, both of which she suffered from in her thirties. She says that she almost stopped working because of these conditions, which can cause a series of symptoms, including dizziness, nausea and sensitivity to light.

But she’s now a leading advocate for those who suffer from these diseases and says they can affect people of all ages, races, and ethnicities. She’s even started her own non-profit, the Kristin Chenoweth Foundation for Migraine and Meniere’s Disorders, to help those who are suffering from these disorders.

Her first migraine attack, she recalls, occurred in her twenties, mid-performance with the Virginia Symphony Orchestra. It began with a flashing image that caused her to lose peripheral vision and left her “crawling off the stage” in pain. She vomited multiple times and experienced extreme light sensitivity, dizziness, and room-spinning vertigo.

Eventually, doctors gave her a diagnosis of “migraine with aura,” which can affect vision, nausea and dizziness in addition to headaches. She was able to recover from this condition with medication, but she continues to battle it.

After a stint in rehab, Chenoweth is now juggling a slew of projects. She’s starring in several Broadway musicals and a TV series, and she’s hoping to produce some theater and TV projects of her own.

As she tries to juggle her multiple projects, the performer also says that she’s focusing on her family: Her parents, who live in Oklahoma, and her younger brother. They’re very supportive and helped her through her recovery process, she says.

When she’s not promoting her work, Chenoweth is also a mom to her daughter, Eliza, 5, and son, Mark, 7. She’s married to Jeff Daniels and is expecting their second child in the spring.

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