Larry Daniels

Larry Daniels

Larry Daniels is an executive compensation consultant specializing in salary surveys and job evaluation. His specialty lies in using point-factor approaches to compensation.

He works with many companies to design and implement employee compensation systems that provide competitive employee salaries at cost-effective levels, as well as offering individual consultation in creating cost-efficient salary structures.

Early Life and Education

Larry Daniels was born and raised in Mount Vernon, Missouri alongside his siblings and numerous cousins in a small community. He attended Rountree Elementary School, Jarrett Junior High and Parkview Senior High before ultimately graduating from Springfield College.

He was a dedicated family man who also took great pleasure in exploring nature. A jack of all trades, he enjoyed tinkering with cars and technology as well as being an avid follower of country music and NASCAR racing.

In September of 2017, as part of an investigation by Task Force into a Clinic in Minden, Louisiana, he visited Dr. Daniels’ office twice making audio and video recordings during these visits; one such visit can be seen as Government Exhibit 24 below.

Personal Life

Larry Daniels was an individual of great faith and love. A dedicated husband, father, and grandfather he was always willing to lend a helping hand when needed – possessing an admirable work ethic while striving to make his community even better he often said giving brought more pleasure than receiving in return.

He worked as a radio personality at KGEN Tulare, California and later at KUZZ Bakersfield, CA; performing at top nightclubs both domestically and abroad.

Glenda Brooks was his faithful partner, through thick and thin. Maegan Rhoads, Christopher Daniels and Mersaideez and Maddyson McClain will miss him dearly as will all who knew and loved him. He will be greatly missed.

Professional Career

Larry Daniels has been working as a financial consultant to help public employees navigate the complex world of retirement and pension planning since 2012. As a former government employee himself, his personal knowledge makes him an ideal advisor when working with clients.

He is also an accomplished performer, recently appearing with White Wave Young Soon Kim Dance Company and Megan Bascom & Dancers in New York as well as in Third Rail Project’s bessie Award-winning immersive performance, Then She Fell: Combining hospital ward settings with Lewis Carroll writings with only 15 audience members present; now living and working in Wichita Kansas as resident artist.

Achievement and Honors

He began performing at Eden Roc in Miami Beach, Palmer House in Chicago and Copacabana in New York – performing vaudeville at each venue – as well as featuring in Meet the People on Broadway revue. Additionally he directed entertainment for Army Air Forces stationed in China, Burma and India during his military service.

Daniels has been instrumental in overseeing and administering the annual Puget Sound Regional Salary Survey as well as major salary surveys conducted for private, public, and non-profit organizations. Additionally, he possesses considerable expertise conducting employee interviews to ensure accurate and equitable salary and benefit structures are put in place.

This scholarship is awarded to graduate students enrolled in either the Honours Bachelor of Arts or Master of Visual Studies program at Daniels Faculty based on both academic merit and an assessment of their application.

Net Worth

Larry Daniels has amassed millions of dollars through his acting career and is known for being extremely generous, having donated much of it to various charitable causes. Furthermore, he boasts an enormous social media following.

He has appeared in multiple successful movies and TV shows, boasting an estimated net worth of $3 Million. As to his personal life, it remains unknown whether or not he is married or has children.

He recently appeared as George Washington in the History Channel miniseries Washington (2020), is working on his debut feature film The Invisible Man and has appeared as a guest on various talk shows and reality TV programs. Additionally, he belongs to Wiggin(x). His primary area of practice involves employment law; representing management in personnel matters before arbitrators, judges and both federal and state courts.

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