Liam Donohue

Liam Donohue – A Real Estate Professional

Liam brings to his role as a real estate professional a strong analytical mindset, an artistic visual eye and empathy for the emotional rollercoaster that comes with buying and selling real estate. Additionally, he is adept at tailoring solutions specifically tailored to meet his client’s needs.

Liam began his career at Booz Allen & Hamilton in Philadelphia as a strategy consultant, later opening and leading their office in Budapest, Hungary.

Early Life and Education

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Liam was born in Clarinbridge, County Galway, Ireland. As a youth he played hockey and golf to win multiple state championships before attending Georgetown University to study Chemistry, earn his BS in Chemistry degree, then go on to work for Booz Allen & Hamilton starting out in Philadelphia before opening and leading their Budapest, Hungary office for several years – also holding an MBA from Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business; later co-founding four businesses including two venture capital funds–Foster Management and Arcadia Partners- since – which have won multiple state championships!

Professional Career

Donoghue has had great success playing hurling for Clarinbridge and was part of their All Ireland Minor and U-21 winning teams, in addition to representing Galway in both 1992 and 1993 in the All Ireland club championship.

As Head of Healthcare Investment for 406 Ventures, he specializes in early-stage healthcare companies providing systems, technologies and services that support clinical delivery. Additionally, he co-founded Arcadia Partners which specializes in technology-enabled education companies.

With his strong analytical mindset and creative visual eye, he can craft tailored solutions that meet his clients’ individual needs. Based in West Chester and a member of Saints Simon and Jude Catholic Church in Cherry Creek Dog Park in Cherry Creek. He enjoys hiking, road trips and family visits to this local spot!

Achievement and Honors

After enjoying success as both a minor and U-21 footballer with Clarinbridge, he transitioned into association football at Kiltulla FC where he won numerous club championship medals both underage and senior levels, two All Ireland club hurling medals, as well as being sub goalkeeper in 1992’s winning All Ireland minor team.

He has written for various publications such as the East Bay Express, SF Gate, Mother Jones and Snap Judgement on NPR, while also sharing his research about Oakland history with schools and libraries nationwide.

Donohue’s victory will provide a significant boost for Grassroots on campus. His knowledge of both its legacy and of UC Santa Barbara itself was apparent during an exhaustive interview with Honi.

Personal Life

Liam currently resides in South Hilltop with his partner Barrett and their dog Jack, in their spare time he enjoys road trips, gardening and hiking. Liam takes great pride in providing outstanding real estate service for each of his clients and will go the extra mile to meet all their real estate needs.

Liam is passionate about community building and believes in leaving every place better than when he found it. Liam loves taking on new challenges and developing tailored solutions for his client’s individual situations.

26 years as the Founder & Managing Partner at 406 Ventures have passed since he first joined as their first job was at Foster Management a Philadelphia-based private equity firm. He then gained further experience by taking various roles at different companies before founding 406 Ventures. His most notable experience in Finance includes having worked at Foster Management before founding 406 Ventures.

Net Worth

Liam Donohue boasts an estimated net worth of $5 Million. Find out more about his age, height, body measurements and family details by reading on.

He provided strategy consulting work with Booz Allen & Hamilton beginning in Philadelphia and later opening and running their Budapest, Hungary office.

After graduating, he founded and became CEO of Business Intelligence Advisors (now an A.406 portfolio company), learning the ins and outs of running and growing a fast-growth start-up.

In 1999, he co-founded Arcadia Partners with his brother Steven to raise a fund that invested in technology-enabled education and healthcare companies. Today, he serves as both founder and managing partner at.406 Ventures; an early stage healthcare IT and technology enabled health care investing firm.

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