Liam Feeley

Liam Feeley – Hardcore Rastafarian, Promoter and Compilation Smashing Producer

Liam Feeley has made it his mission in life to stay busy; whether that means being an effective promoter, crowd pleasing DJ or compilation producing producer.

Dominic Crocitto, 17, was driving with Joseph Gibiino (16), Liam Feeley (17) in their Mustang when it suddenly veered and struck Annalise Wilkes’ Jeep Cherokee.

Early Life and Education

Liam Feeley was born at Des Moines’ Mercy Medical Center with arms at 90-degree angles due to a rare genetic condition called thrombocytopenia-absentradius which caused him to lack one bone per arm.

Liam, short for William, quickly rose to the top of list for boy baby names across Europe and North America following the Irish potato famine that caused many Irish people to migrate elsewhere. Liam gained additional popularity when used by members of One Direction boy band as well as actor Liam Neeson.

Named a favorite across nations, nearly 20,000 boys each year in the US alone now bear this moniker. Additionally, it is popularly used as Gwylim or Lyahm in Ireland and the UK, and in Germany as Guillaume or Guillermos.

Professional Career

Liam Feeley can often be seen cheering his team to victory on baseball, basketball and flag football fields – not always as the tallest player but certainly amongst the loudest. He has shown himself to be resilient enough to overcome any challenges on or off the field.

Before joining Ofsted, Olly served as a lead assessment adviser, local authority school improvement specialist and has held subject leadership and senior leadership roles within schools. Now an inspector for both primary and secondary schools as well as independent schools, alternative provision, area SEND inspections as well as initial teacher education programmes; his areas of specialism include curriculum design. Olly holds both a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership as well as being an OFsted Inspector with his primary focus being schools that improve student outcomes.

Achievement and Honors

Liam Feeley has made waves within the hardcore scene as both an old school hardcore raver during its nostalgic heydays, as well as being an outstanding DJ, promoter, and compilation smashing producer – and his career continues to thrive today. Working alongside legendary scene members Ramos and Hixxy on RSR outlet Raverbaby record label; Liam Feeley is now one of the most in demand names within UK hardcore scene.

Feeley may not be the largest kid on his baseball, basketball and flag football teams but he certainly makes himself heard! Additionally, Feeley has shown himself to be resilient by overcoming any number of challenges head-on in his own way; including having thrombocytopenia absent radius syndrome which affects both of his arms; however despite this condition he excelled in gymnastics as regional all-around champion for vault bars and beam.

Personal Life

Liam Feeley adores spending time with his family. He possesses an affinity for children, often sharing videos of them on TikTok; these have amassed millions of hearts and followers on TikTok.

He recalls feeling an overwhelming sense of deja vu when hearing news of the Niemba Ambush (November 1960), which took the lives of nine Irish soldiers, and felt as if he had already experienced it firsthand.

Isabel Carella, 17, of Kings Park was killed instantly when Dominic Crocitto’s Mustang swerved and struck a Jeep. Annalise Wilkes, 19, from Commack was driving the Jeep at the time and received non-life threatening injuries; all other passengers were transported to hospitals as a precautionary measure.

Net Worth

Feeley spent one season with the Dolphins before joining Philadelphia Eagles where he served as their third-string quarterback behind Donovan McNabb and Koy Delmer.

Liam was diagnosed with TAR syndrome, an inherited disorder affecting the bones of both arms and legs. Each arm lacks its large bone, while both femurs in each of his legs have become deformed.

He prefers to keep his personal life and relationships private, though he has revealed he is currently dating Aleah Tarjick from the US who is a TikTok Star with over 2 Million followers on her account and known for Short Form Lip Sync and Story Time content creation. Aleah Tarjick shared photos with Liam Feeley via her social media platforms as evidence of their romance; this renowned TikTok Star boasts beautiful features and charming smile.

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