Liam McIntyre

Fratmen – Liam McIntyre

Hudson and Liam are veteran performers when it comes to naked duos, yet these two giant jocks take things a step further in the shower. Once stripped and prepared to go, these giant jocks start touching each other’s long, uncut cocks while sucking each other’s hot blowjobs!

Early Life and Education

Liam McIntyre was born in Adelaide, Australia to parents who divorced when he was young, living with his grandmother after they parted ways. He speaks fluent English, Irish, and American English languages and loves video games (he voiced one character for Gears of War 4!). Before making his acting debut he worked at a gaming store before making his acting debut.

Hudson and Liam are two large jocks who know how to have fun together. The action starts off in the shower where they play with one another’s cocks and touch each other’s bodies before moving to their bedroom where both take turns sucking each other’s long uncut cocks as well as licking one another’s nipples and chest hairy chest.

Personal Life

Liam holds great affection for his friends and fans alike. He finds great pleasure in making them laugh while sharing stories through art or story-telling that resonate with people’s hearts.

His career began as acting, but quickly expanded into duos and Japanese anime dubbing. Today he works as a voice actor, director, and automated dialog replacement writer on several popular video games and anime series.

Hudson and Liam use their prior duo experience to their advantage during this shower sex scene. Both giant jocks strip naked before engaging in some serious physical play – they lick each other’s long, uncut cocks before hard jerking them together for maximum pleasure!

Net Worth

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Liam Gallagher was once the lead singer for Oasis and has found both critical and commercial success with his musical career. Since then, he has pursued both solo work as well as various group and acting projects. His net worth peaked in the mid 2000s before it declined due to excessive partying and costly divorce settlements; currently residing in London.

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