Liam Randall

Liam Randall

Liam Randall is the CEO and founder of Cosmonic. In addition to co-creating CNCF wasmCloud, he frequently speaks at security events as an end user training expert for Bro platform as a core member of open source community.

Waisman researchers began their study thinking high school would be difficult for adolescents with autism, given bullying can present many obstacles. While their hypothesis proved true, there were also surprising advantages.

Early Life and Education

Liam Randall grew up in the suburbs of southern Sydney and attended public schools. Although academically gifted, he found it hard to socialize due to autism – a condition which affects how he communicates and interprets his environment.

He is passionate about Australian cuisine and has traveled across the country in his swag to investigate both oral and written histories of local food customs. Along the way he discovered incredible stories of real people using ingredients used throughout history to create delicious Australian meals that continue to inspire him today. Continuing his research, writing, and cooking to gain further insights into its development; as well as authoring a book about it.

Professional Career

Liam Randall has over two decades of experience working in the security industry as an entrepreneur. Throughout this time he has earned recognition as an accomplished device driver writer, developed XFS-based software for automated Teller Machines and founded numerous open source projects such as Cosmonic (CNCF wasmCloud), Kolid, and Stacklet (CNCF Cloud Custodian).

He provides advice and assistance in high volume network security solutions for Fortune 50 companies and various branches of the armed forces, and frequently speaks and trains at events such as Shmoocon, Derbycon and MIRcon.

He recently assisted Debt Free Advice with creating an exceptional culture. Additionally, he serves on the Home Office’s counter extremism advisory board.

Achievement and Honors

Randall was invited to join various campus honor societies while still in school; however, dues and initiation fees became an economic strain for him as an outsider from a rural farm community. Therefore, he created an honors program that recognizes outstanding students without incurring dues and fees.

Randall has also received the Faculty and Staff Honors Scholarship, presented to undergraduate students who have demonstrated excellence academically. This award recognizes outstanding performance by undergraduate mathematics majors at UCF.

Randall is co-creator and CEO at Critical Stack; frequent speaker/trainer at security conferences; has experience building networks from scratch as well as creating 100M+ ecommerce solutions; has worked at every step of the IT pipeline from building/operating them to developing/maintaining large scale e-commerce systems and has worked on every stage of development/maintenance/implementation imaginable.

Personal Life

Liam is both a father and husband who enjoys spending his weekends fermenting wine, gardening or restoring gadgets. Additionally, he takes great pleasure in exploring new cultures by traveling.

He currently resides in Lapwai Idaho at 25311 Serenity Ln and has lived here for the past 17 years.

Cosmonic, founded and led by Chris, has raised $8.5 Million. Chris serves on the core team at wasmCloud and regularly offers Bro training classes at security conferences. Additionally, Chris consults on high volume security solutions for Fortune 50 companies, research networks and branches of the military; additionally he frequently speaks at security conferences as an incident response panelist and presents training classes on them.

Net Worth

Reaching an ambitious goal requires courage. Doing the things you fear means putting yourself in positions where failure may ensue – but in the end, the effort pays off!

He received his initial breakthrough as a singer when he participated in the fifth season of Australian X Factor and performed to Ariana Grande’s “Break Free,” garnering hundreds of thousands of views and solidifying him as a popular musician.

He currently owns over 9,619 units of TFX stock, valued at $4 Million as of 11 January 2023. Since 2014, he has made six trades worth $3,400,000 plus, selling 1,278 shares worth over $3,400,000 on 20 November 2022.

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