Lost Dog Youngstown Ohio

The Body of a Missing Dog Found During a Search

During a search of a wooded area, a woman found skeletal remains of a missing dog. The remains are believed to be the remains of Amy Hambrick, who went missing in Youngstown, Ohio, in November of 2017. Despite an undetermined cause of death, the family is seeking privacy.

Amy Hambrick went missing in Youngstown in November 2017

Almost five years after Amy Hambrick went missing in Youngstown, Ohio, her body has been found. Hambrick was 29 years old when she went missing. She was last seen in November 2017. She was on her way to meet up with a friend in North Jackson, Ohio. She never made it to her friend’s home.

Hambrick’s bones were found in a wooded area off of Thorn Hill Road on the city’s East Side. They were wrapped in cloth and identified by forensic dentists. The dentists were able to identify the bones as belonging to Hambrick based on dental records.

Authorities said that it’s impossible to determine the exact date of Hambrick’s death because of the condition of the bones. However, they have indicated that the bones have been in the area for “some time.”

Police are currently investigating the discovery. The investigation will involve testing the remains to find evidence of her death. They will also re-interview people. If anyone has information about Hambrick’s disappearance, they should contact the Youngstown Police Department at (330) 746-8YPD.

Skeletal remains found by woman looking for her lost dog in wooded area

During a routine search in an unincorporated part of town in eastern Youngstown, Ohio, a woman stumbled upon a skeletal specimen. She subsequently brought them home and called local authorities. During a subsequent investigation, the remains were reassembled and sent off to the Mahoning County coroner’s office.

The true crime mystery remains unsolved. No one knows how the woman’s remains ended up in such a precarious location. It’s unclear if she died in the woods or if she was abducted and murdered. The skeletal specimen was wrapped in a large cloth, making it difficult to identify. It also prompted a lengthy investigation by the local police department. The chief of detectives, Capt. Jason Simon, has since reassured the bereft family that this case will be thoroughly investigated.

A thorough search of the area revealed a slew of other unsolved mysteries. The most notable are the skeletal remains of a female adult who was last seen in the vicinity of North Jackson, Ohio.

Hambrick’s cause of death has been listed as undetermined

Earlier this week, it was confirmed that Amy Hambrick’s remains had been discovered in Ohio. The skeletal remains were discovered in a wooded area in Youngstown and positively identified by the Mahoning County Coroner’s Office. However, the cause of death has been listed as undetermined.

Amy Hambrick was last seen on November 11, 2017. According to her family, she was traveling to North Jackson to visit a friend. She never made it to the friend’s house and has not been seen since.

Hambrick was last seen with her 10-year-old daughter. The family has tried to find their daughter since her disappearance. It is not clear why she left, but they believe she had a drug problem and had planned to get help. They also believe that she had a friend visit her house in North Jackson. They have a reward of $50,000 for information that leads to her return.

The case is being investigated by the Ohio Police Department. The investigation will include interviews, testing of the bones, and further investigation. In addition, warrants have been issued on electronic devices.

Hambrick’s family asks for privacy

Several members of the family of Amy Hambrick, who disappeared in November of 2017, were present at a press conference held on Tuesday. The family had been actively involved in searching for her. They believe that someone knows what happened to her.

According to the Youngstown Police Department, Amy Hambrick’s bones were found by a local woman looking for her lost dog. After a few days, the woman discovered skeletal remains wrapped in a cloth. The bones were analyzed by investigators, who determined that they were human.

The skeletal remains were taken to the Mahoning County Coroner’s Office. A forensic dentist analyzed the jawbone and determined that it was Hambrick’s. Afterwards, Dr. Loren Lease, a member of the anthropology department at Youngstown State University, worked to assemble the remains.

The family has been using social media to bring attention to the case. They offered a $50,000 reward for information that leads to the recovery of their daughter. The family asked that anyone with information contact the Youngstown Police Department at (330) 746-8YPD. The family also asked that privacy be observed.

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