Louis Hobson

Louis Hobson is an American broadway actor best known for creating the role of Doctor Madden in the original Broadway production of Next to Normal. Additionally, he serves as artistic director at Seattle’s Balagan Theatre and graduated with degrees in both music and theatre from Pacific Lutheran University.

He worked for Boston Consulting Group before transitioning to Aon’s risk-management division as part of its risk-management division. Now, he leads Chubb’s private flood insurance practice across North America.

Early Life and Education

Louis Hobson was born 15 August 1918 in Florida, United States. He majored in Music and Theater at Pacific Lutheran University in Puyallup, Washington before taking the plunge and moving to New York City in 2008. Seattle theater scene where he spent eight years before making the leap and moving permanently in 2008.

Dr. Madden of Next to Normal on Broadway earned him both a Tony and Pulitzer Prize. Additionally, he portrayed Ted Hinton in Frank Wildhorn’s Bonnie and Clyde and Raul Esparza’s Leap of Faith shows.

Hobson credits his success to never giving up and always going after what he wanted, believing it’s better to try and fail than settle for mediocrity. He is survived by wife Noreen Hobson, son Antonio and granddaughter Chante.

Professional Career

Hobson began working in Seattle theater scene immediately following graduation from Pacific Lutheran University and eventually earned himself a role in “Camelot”, Broadway production. Additionally, Hobson now oversees an organization which specializes in developing musicals.

He is also a partner at Aon Risk Solutions, where he oversees strategy development and business transformation for their national flood insurance unit. Furthermore, he serves as board member for Knight-Swift Transportation Holdings–one of North America’s premier freight-transport enterprises.

Hobson has done numerous television and film roles. He was in the broadway shows Next to Normal and Bonnie & Clyde; however, he remains quiet about his personal life; thus it remains unknown if he is currently married or not. Hobson currently resides in Tacoma, Washington.

Achievement and Honors

Hobson is best-known as an actor for his portrayal of Doctor Madden in Broadway’s Next to Normal musical, which earned several accolades such as Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award awards – making it one of the most celebrated Broadway musicals ever seen on stage.

An accomplished writer, he serves as sole theatre reviewer for both the Calgary Herald and Sun. For four decades he has reviewed film and theatre shows across Calgary.

Though his schedule is packed, he finds time for giving back. He regularly returns to PLU to meet with students or teach master classes; additionally he serves on its Executive Advisory Committee and runs Indie Theatrical, an entertainment production company that creates new musicals.

Personal Life

Louis Hobson has always shown an eagerness for taking on new challenges. When something doesn’t go quite according to plan, he stays the course and pushes forward – an example Lauralee Hagen, senior advancement officer of PLU notes as being ideal as an inspiration for students. Hobson stands as an inspiring role model.

Hobson is also an entrepreneur, having founded Indie Theatrical to develop new musicals. He travels extensively around the globe identifying audiences and venues for his shows while being an avid reader who devours leadership books and sports biographies alike.

While his professional life may be well documented, much remains unanswered regarding his personal life. It remains unknown if he is married or dating anyone as of 2020; and there has been no information provided regarding his age.

Net Worth

Louis Hobson is an acclaimed American Broadway artist with more than two decades of theater experience, appearing as Mad Doctor in Next to Normal musical. Additionally, he is often sought-out for television and film appearances as an actor and presenter.

Mellody Hobson is a married businesswoman and mother to Everest Hobson Lucas. Together with George Lucas, Mellody owns an impressive real estate portfolio including an 15,159 square foot house in San Anselmo; a $34 million mansion in Los Angeles’ Bel Air neighborhood; and an $19 million penthouse in Chicago.

The couple is involved in several philanthropic endeavors. For example, they contributed funds to Princeton University for the establishment of Woodrow Wilson College; after trustees made an unpopular decision to change its name due to white supremacist Woodrow Wilson being removed as its namesake, these funds went toward building an entirely new residential college there in 2020.

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