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Love After Lockup Season 4 – Raydean Voight and Rick Ryder Return

Throughout seasons three and four of Love After Lockup, we’ve seen a variety of couples that have met while their incarcerated partner was behind bars. These couples often get together for the first time when their incarcerated mate is released. The show also features family drama, infidelity and insecurities. It explores the process of developing relationships with significant others and asks whether love can survive when the bars are removed.

In season four, fans are looking forward to the return of fan favorites Raydean Voight and Rick Ryder. They have been dating for five years while Raydean is in prison. She was arrested for drug possession and is now serving 10 years in jail. She will be released in April of 2036. They are planning on a future outside of prison and hope to continue to build a strong relationship.

The couple’s relationship started when Rick was in the bike club with a man who was incarcerated with Raydean. They were on three dates before she vanished. Then, after Raydean was released, they kept in touch and tried to make the relationship work. However, it did not seem to go well. The two were indecisive and it seemed as though they were not on the same page. This led to Rick feeling as though he was being betrayed by Kay. He thought that it would be easier to stay on good terms with her when she was released from prison.

At the end of the last episode, Raydean Voight dropped a bomb on Kay. She referred to her as her “wife” and said she was not married to Rick. This was a huge surprise for producers. They were shocked that a woman would make such a statement. Then, they discovered that there was no marriage paperwork in Raydean’s file.

The new season will focus on five couples that are behind bars. The first couple to be featured is Rick Ryder and Raydean Voight. Although the producers have stated that they do not want to feature any fake relationships, the two still haven’t revealed their parents. They are expected to reveal the two’s parents in the next few episodes.

The other couple is Jackson and Martel. They have been together for thirteen years. In season three, they got into a love triangle with Bradley and Sierra. The trio ended up getting married several times while they were in prison. This was a major shock to both Rick and Raydean.

Rick’s friend, Kelvin, believes that he should file a restraining order against Kaylah. She is suspicious of Chazz, Branwin’s daughter. She is also upset that Chazz is dating Chance, Rick’s ex. She says she would like to have a $40k engagement ring. In addition, she is suspicious of Harry’s bounty hunter mother.

In season two, the show averaged more than one million viewers per episode. It aired on Fridays on WEtv. During the season, they also ranked number one for women 25-54. This made Love After Lockup a hit.

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