Luca Coin

Luca Coin – Luca Netz is a Magician and Founder of Lucrosus Capital

Lucrosus Capital offers investors a unique shared allocation program through which they can purchase tokens of projects it invests in, making us stand out among launchpads and decentralized VC funds.

Token holders will also gain access to high-level research conducted by our team – providing exclusive research documents created just for $LUCA users.

Early Life and Education

From an early age, Luca has been drawn to magic. After his mother gifted him with his first magic set as a child, his interest only intensified over time. Since then he has studied every book and trick available and developed an exceptional sleight-of-hand abilitieset.

Luca is an intelligent and responsible adult who displays great grace when speaking with everyone he encounters. His devotedness towards Felicita extends all the way into overprotectiveness for her; while his passion for alchemy allows him to experiment freely.

Pace keeps his relationship with Jolly private from most people; only Pace, Debito, Mondo and Sumire know of it. He acknowledges Jolly as an adept alchemist while disliking him as both father and brother.

Professional Career

Luca is an adept in alchemy and adept in fighting and knife throwing, as well as reading people to predict their moves and predict them accurately. Additionally, he possesses natural healing powers and plays the accordion.

He serves as an attendant to Caterina, Pace, and Debito at home and evening church services with them. Since Mondo left to pursue love elsewhere, his duties as Family Card representative were taken over by Debito.

Luca regards Jolly as his superior alchemist but not as his father or human being; therefore he hides their relationship from everyone but Felicita; even poisoning Felicita’s tea to stop her discovering who her real father is! Later he would argue that environment had more of an effect than genetics on an individual’s development.

Achievement and Honors

Time Has Been Burnt” (2017) marked an important turning point in Luca’s artistic development, marking an abrupt departure from figurative production and an impressive movement into abstraction and other forms of art.

Decentralized Venture Capital (DeVC) is the first gamified token to offer institutional benefits directly to individual investors through blockchain technology. $LUCA holders can take advantage of multiple utilities provided by DeVC such as its Shared Allocation program that enables them to acquire tokens of promising cryptocurrency projects, as well as beneficial Staking and Voting programs providing them with real impactful company development potential.

LUCA is the native cryptocurrency of ATM, the peer-to-peer staking platform. Its primary function is to reward community users who forge consensus connections between one another.

Personal Life

Lucrosus Capital is a decentralized venture fund offering individuals unparalleled investment opportunities, such as highly favorable staking arrangements and voting programs that give them direct control of company development.

Company goals involve developing an all-in-one software tool for planning, controlling, and consolidation – to remove manual work from operations coordination processes while saving time on coordination efforts.

Colloquially in Chilean Spanish, luca and quina refer to one thousand and five hundred pesos respectively; their informal names derived from their color being similar. Slash used them as references on his 2007 Velvet Revolver album cover as well. Later these nicknames became the formal names for currency until 1975.

Net Worth

Luca Netz is known for owning an estimated stake in Apple Inc stock valued at over $274 Million dollars and for making large trades in NFTs such as Pudgy Penguins for 750 ETH, which Luca found particularly fascinating as they supposedly create joy-inducing digital penguins that caught his interest.

LUCA is the reward token for ATM, an innovative form of social staking that rewards community users by locking tokens in connections that are then ranked using an algorithm similar to Google PageRank; rewards will depend on how large your network becomes.

LUCA holders can take part in the shared allocation program where, depending on their tier, they can purchase tokens of trusted blockchain projects and cast votes on investments and buybacks for these projects.

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