Lucas 1018

Lucas’s claims against the defendants that they violated his Eighth Amendment rights cannot be justified.

Lucas’ other excessive force claims against defendants Bankard, Lowicki and Waters must also fail.

To establish excessive force, the nonmoving party must provide evidence that (1) an official knew about offensive conduct but failed to respond; and (2) this failure led directly to constitutional injury in question.

Early Life and Education

Luke the Evangelist was born in Antioch and studied medicine. After joining Paul on his initial mission into Greece (c. 51 CE), Luke provided medical aid for injured soldiers and even later traveled with Paul as far as Jerusalem.

Lucas makes complaints regarding the conditions of his confinement during the ten days that he was placed on staff alert after his altercation with correctional officers, without specifying who placed him under these restrictions or otherwise clarifying who his intended defendants for this portion of his takings claim may be.

The Court override Lucas’ lack of an arguable claim due to their concern that without their intervention he will not be able to obtain state court adjudication of his temporary takings claim before the 1990 amendments took effect.

Personal Life

Personal life refers to all the private aspects of one’s existence that involve relationships, beliefs, interests and activities that contribute to personal fulfillment. Living a private life allows an individual to form and maintain intimate relationships while remaining hidden from public view.

Lucas’ second claim relates to his cell conditions during the ten days that he was placed on staff alert after attempting to strike Bankard with a punch. While on staff alert he filed numerous sick call slips that were ignored by medical and psychology departments.

Lucas does not identify a specific defendant for this claim or otherwise specify its intended scope, and there is no evidence in the record that suggests his sick calls were not taken seriously.

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