Lucas Clarke

Lucas Clarke Passes Away

Lucas Clarke enjoys traveling and experiencing new cultures; particularly his time spent in Brazil.

Lucas quickly embraced Mike, Dustin and Eleven upon discovering Max had died, before helping them search the Byers house for answers. When Mike admitted his feelings for Eleven Lucas was delighted for him and together the trio worked to defeat Mind Flayer and close the Gate.

Early Life and Education

Lucas Clark leaves behind his beloved wife Anita Clark of Key Biscayne FL; children Lucas A. Clark III, Lisa Catherine Clark and Michael William Clark all from Drexel Hill PA as well as grandchildren, nieces and nephews he leaves behind, along with many cherished lifelong friends.

Clark spends much of his free time crafting geometric pieces that defy imagination, often including mathematical puzzles. He has built structures resembling three-circuit labyrinths and once constructed an intricate piece requiring interlacing and nesting layers of glass.

He enjoys learning new languages and is extremely passionate about international business concepts. His study-abroad experience in Brazil allowed him to understand how language and culture intersect; it also broadened his interests towards topics like value creation, business structures, and capital communities.

Professional Career

Clarke enjoys creating stunning pieces of glass lampwork during his free time, often defying imagination or appearing mathematical. Over the course of several failed attempts he has also built and renovated homes from their footings up, gaining extensive technical knowledge regarding house construction.

Lucas chose international business because it allowed him to explore his curiosity and abilities at the same time. He wanted to learn about different cultures while understanding how they operate within business environments, which was why he selected McCombs School of Business due to its strong business program.

He took part in the Portuguese Flagship program, which challenged him to learn Portuguese fluently. Living and traveling through Brazil helped broaden his global perspective.

Achievement and Honors

Lucas Clarke has created glass tools for scientists across space and ocean environments – from orbiting Earth to diving deep beneath it all – but his latest creation may be his most intriguing: SFU glassblower creates custom implements designed to withstand intense pressure or slice through individual cells.

Clarke led the Flyers to their first Stanley Cup Finals appearance ever in 1975-76 when he set an NHL record with 89 assists by a center and was chosen for nine All-Star games, earning both the Hart Trophy and Lester B. Pearson Award as a result of his accomplishment.

Lucas is delighted to join McCombs’ Global Ambassadors Program and plans on studying abroad in Brazil for several months before applying his management expertise at a technology-related company.

Personal Life

Lucas Clarke is an unwaveringly committed family man, an invaluable friend, and an attentive employer. He’s married to Anita and father to their three children – plus an extended list of loving siblings, cousins, and friends who rely on him.

Lucas loves learning new languages and cultures, which led him to study international business at McCombs. Additionally, he participated in the Portuguese Flagship Program which enabled him to master Portuguese at a professional level.

His time in Brazil afforded him an extraordinary insight into how cultures interact and the similarities that both countries share. One highlight was participating in Brazil’s Carnaval celebration – an unforgettable event which changed his views about value creation and business structures.

Net Worth

Lucas Clarke is an actor who has amassed considerable wealth through his successful career and charitable giving, amassing an estimated net worth of around 7.5 Million.

Silicon Graphics was established by Clark in 1991 to produce high-quality visual effects for film and 3-D imaging for engineers, eventually becoming one of the leading suppliers in Hollywood movie visual effects and 3-D imaging. Furthermore, he co-founded Netscape which developed and released their Navigator web browser during this same timeframe.

Clarke is best known for his roles as Nathan Wuornos on Haven and Special Agent Christopher Lasalle on NCIS, in addition to appearing in movies such as Crazy in Alabama and Friday Night Lights. Additionally, he is married to Australian actress Kirsty Hinchcliffe with whom he shares two children.

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