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Lucas Ruric Coe, 28, of Magnolia, Has Been Convicted of Super-Aggravated Sexual Assault

Lucas Ruric Coe, 28, from Magnolia has been charged with super-aggravated sexual assault of a child and faces up to 99 years in prison without being eligible for parole.

Jurors at Emma’s trial heard testimony from various doctors regarding her injuries and saw graphic photographs of her autopsy. Additionally, they heard from one of Coe’s ex-partners’ son who claimed Coe would sneak into his room at night to assault and choke him violently.

Early Life and Education

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Coe is charged with super aggravated sexual assault of a child, meaning he could potentially serve life imprisonment. Additionally, charges have already been levelled against him regarding another girlfriend’s daughter.

Professional Career

Coe arrived on Kennesaw State’s campus after transferring from Cleveland State Community College in Tennessee and quickly made an impression, leading his Owls team to win their NAIA District title and earning him Most Valuable Player honors for that season.

Child Protective Services had previously investigated Emma’s mother, Abigail Young, three times due to other child-related incidents; thus CPS did not remove Emma from the home as there was no physical threat present.

Young was charged with felony injury to a child following the girl’s beating death and released on $50,000 bond. Lucas Coe is an associate in Hopkins & Carley’s Litigation Department who specializes in commercial litigation matters and is well known as an experienced trial attorney with expertise in handling complex corporate and commercial cases.

Achievement and Honors

Luke Sanders ’17 made invaluable connections in music education during his time at Coe College and enjoyed multiple performance opportunities. Today he teaches high school band in Waterloo, Iowa, and plans to pursue a career in musical education.

Judith Sebolt-Leopold is widely respected for her pioneering research on protein kinases, which has resulted in new therapies for cancer and other illnesses. For her efforts she has received many honors and awards such as the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists.

Ashley Lucas is an esteemed expert on prisons. She has shared her work at academic conferences, universities, houses of worship and libraries nationwide; additionally she serves on the board for Open Hearts Open Minds which offers arts programming for prisoners.

Personal Life

Coe has long been part of Iowa’s musical community and an active member of the Iowa Choral Directors Association. He enjoys working with choirs, show choirs and conducting private voice lessons.

Jurors heard testimony from experts and the father of a 10-year-old boy who claimed Coe regularly beat his son. At sentencing phase, prosecutors demanded Coe receive 25 to 99 years without possibility of parole.

On Tuesday, a jury found Coe guilty of super aggravated sexual assault of a child for Emma Thompson’s June 27 death from abdominal trauma, skull fracture and vaginal tearing injuries, infected with herpes virus infection.

Net Worth

Losing an innocent child can be deeply upsetting to those responsible, such as when 4-year-old Emma Thompson died suddenly at a hospital despite arriving with more than 70 bruises, bloody lips and fractured skull. She did not survive.

Abigail Young pleaded guilty to letting her STD-ridden boyfriend rape and beat Emma while serving 20 years behind bars, yet may be released much sooner due to a legal loophole. Emma’s family are fighting hard against this release date while Emma herself continues fighting her fight. Continue reading this story for more insight.

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