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Vicki Condill – Facts About Vicki Condill

Vicki Condill has been identified in two states across the US – Illinois and Wisconsin are most often mentioned.

He is survived by his wife, Laurel; daughter Shelby; brother Joey and several cousins, friends, and extended family members. Unfortunately he was predeceased by both of his parents Harry and Cecelia Totten.

Achievement and Honors

Established by Frank Capra’s estate and made possible through an annual gift from his estate. Awarded annually to an exceptional student exhibiting outstanding intelligence, character, accomplishment, strong motivation, seriousness of purpose and the potential to make significant contributions to society. Awarded annually to a senior film major who best exemplifies citizenship goals of citizenship scholarship theory-practice integration in their work.

Congratulations to those nominated as Student of the Month! They were honored at breakfast today in the library; please refer to announcements for full list. Kori Klay was selected as this month’s winner while Ava Binion and Hannah Carter also received nominations.

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