Lucas Flores

UTEP Freshman Receiver Lucas Flores

Lucas Flores may not be one of UTEP’s flashier receivers, but the third-year freshman from Ysleta High School is making waves at spring football practice with his remarkable catch rate and strong defensive presence. Lucas’ story makes spring football unforgettable.

After arrest, Detectives Martinez and Carrian informed Flores of his rights and he willingly waived them, leading us to conclude that his statement should be admissible for consideration.

Early Life and Education

Flores was a roofer by trade, yet could accomplish nearly anything that crossed his mind. A hard worker who took great pride in his work, Flores also enjoyed spending time with family.

After being led out of the theater by Detective Martinez and Andrew Carrian, Flores was read his rights – which he waived – before being asked if there were any evidence or witnesses available that might assist in this investigation. After agreeing, Flores began giving his statement.

Lucas still has hope, and his family hopes to move him closer to home through a clinic closer to them. To aid their effort, they have set up a GoFundMe page dedicated to this effort; all donations made will go toward this cause.

Professional Career

Lucas Flores is an acclaimed Brazilian director, actor and producer. As the pioneer and director of “Performance art”, his films and performances focus on marginalized groups, identity issues, memory loss and citizenship in fiction and documentary form. Lucas is also a renowned member of Limoeirense Academy of Letters; one of Brazil’s premier literary institutions.

Beginning his 2018 campaign with the Las Vegas 51s in AAA, he was called up on April 2 to replace Bobby Parnell who went on the disabled list and Daniel Murphy who took paternity leave. On that same day he made his MLB debut against Philadelphia Phillies; sliding into home plate to score a run in the third inning to score one run off him!

Flores made his MLB debut as both a second baseman and shortstop, and was eventually traded back down on June 6 to make room for Kirk Nieuwenhuis who returned from being placed on the disabled list. On July 24 he was sent back down once more due to Nieuwenhuis returning.

Achievement and Honors

Flores earned both the 2013 President’s Leadership Award and 2015 Excellence in Student Organizations Award at UTEP, in addition to being an accomplished Jiu Jitsu competitor, earning notable victories while refereeing renowned championships. Trained by some of the world’s finest professors and masters in this discipline, his knowledge continues to expand exponentially. Furthermore, Lucas has served as guest instructor in dozens of seminars across America and worldwide and currently holds a black belt under Professor Mauricio Melo and holds 3rd Degree Gracie Barra Jiu Jitsu. Additionally UTEP football player Reynaldo Flores is his brother

Personal Life

Lucas Flores has been teaching Jiu Jitsu to both adults and children for more than a decade, providing adult classes as well as children’s lessons. Throughout that time, he has participated in competitions and seminars led by top professors and masters of the art, gaining valuable experience along the way. Lucas also participates in various mixed martial arts (MMA) competitions.

He is also an ardent environmentalist. He has undertaken several community projects aimed at protecting the environment, such as cleaning rivers and beaches. Furthermore, he has donated money towards funding schools being constructed in Brazil.

Lucas Flores has quickly made an impressionful debut during spring practice at UTEP football, from starting as a walk-on at Ysleta High School until becoming one of its key players.

Net Worth

Lucas Flores currently boasts an estimated net worth of $5 Million and has amassed earnings totaling $5,058,859. On average he averages an annual prize pool payout of approximately $459,805.

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