Lucas Frye

Meet Beckman Scholar Lucas Frye

Beckman Scholar Frye is working to reduce carbon emissions by creating catalysts that make alkyl and alkenyl arenes production easier; these chemicals have an enormous effect on climate change.

Lucas has long enjoyed exploring new restaurants and cocktails. Additionally, Lucas works in higher education and healthcare to advance disability inclusion and accessibility.

Early Life and Education

Lucas Frye was raised on a sixth generation grain farm in Mason County, Illinois. After attending the University of Illinois and majoring in Ag Economics and MBA respectively, he held various roles within agriculture including seed production, financial analyst work within ag lending, as well as strategy consulting for agribusinesses.

His groundbreaking research on catalysts to speed up the manufacture of stilbenes has earned him a Beckman Scholarship, giving him access to other top students across multiple fields for collaborative innovative projects.

He co-founded Amber Agriculture, a startup which allows farmers to manage their crops more effectively through wireless kernel-like sensors that monitor temperature and moisture. He was also an intern for Adayana Agribusiness Group’s management consulting department as well as serving as field scout for Monsanto.

Professional Career

Lucas Frye’s professional career was cut short by injuries. Set to make his pro debut at Hangtown 2015, but an arm injury ended his season early preventing factory team rides and forcing him out of racing altogether. Since then he has struggled to reenter motocross.

Graduate of Severna Park High School, he is now studying inorganic chemistry with the goal of developing catalytic processes to reduce risks posed by climate change to human health and productivity. As part of this endeavor, he was honored as an Arnold and Mabel Beckman Scholar.

He has held roles as both a management consulting intern at Adayana Agribusiness Group and as a field scout with Monsanto. Furthermore, he currently works as a research associate at the University of Illinois.

Achievement and Honors

Frye was elected student trustee for the University of Illinois’ Urbana-Champaign campus during his senior year, working as both a research associate with Kauffman Foundation: State of American Entrepreneurship in Education from June 2015 to May 2016, as well as serving as management consulting intern with Adayana Agribusiness Group Indianapolis (2 months) and Monsanto Manito (4 months). Additionally he acted as field scout for Midwest Late Model Racing Association races as well as honorary starter at Lucas Oil Speedway Championship Banquet each season where he helped select Harriett Chancellor as winner of Forrest Lucas Lifetime Achievement Award.

Personal Life

Lucas Frye grew up on a sixth generation farm and earned both his undergraduate and MBA from the University of Illinois. As co-founder of Amber Agriculture, which designs wireless kernel-like sensors to track crops throughout their supply chains.

Frye and his team create solutions to enhance crop management, logistics, and profitability. They currently collaborate with Ohio farmers in testing this technology across multiple markets.

Lucas also maintains an interest in restaurant management as part of Cork & Cask in Colorado Springs and as chairman of The Echelon Group agribusiness strategy firm, previously holding various management consultancy roles at Adayana Agribusiness Group and Monsanto; previously living at various addresses such as 8145 Poinsett Ter in Pasadena MD; 1163 Bison Way Grovetown GA; 535 J H Crews Cir Panama City FL.

Net Worth

Ted Lucas has become known for identifying talent quickly, creating a significant empire out of it. The Miami-based record label he established soon became legendary for catapulting artists to stardom; amassing vast wealth through record sales, concert tours, merchandise sales and licensing deals.

Lucas has achieved remarkable success, yet he doesn’t rest on his laurels. Instead, he constantly looks for new ways to innovate and stay ahead of his game while investing part of his fortune into wrestling training academies and promotions that nurture future wrestlers.

Lucas rose quickly from humble roots within a local wrestling federation to become one of the most recognizable faces in business, quickly making an impression both inside and outside of the ring. A smart businessperson with an understanding of audience entertainment.

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