Lucas Godfrey

Who is Lucas Godfrey?

If you’ve seen someone riding an injured-looking board deep within a Pipeline barrel, casually slipping behind enormous Backdoor curtains, or popping out of Off The Wall tubes on the North Shore – chances are it was Lucas Godfrey! He knows exactly how to navigate Pipeline’s inter-dimensional vortex.

Early Life and Education

Lucas Godfrey is one of the world’s best-known surfers, garnering enormous acclaim through his YouTube/Vimeo surf videos and for being an all-around great guy.

He attended Kindergarten through eighth grade at San Gabriel Christian School, creating strong bonds with his classmates that remain strong today. He remains an ardent supporter of his alma mater.

He married Vivian Angen and they had one son together: Jarmon Morris Godfrey Jr. He worked hard, holding down multiple jobs in Alexandria as well as running its roller rink. His family enjoyed an enjoyable life together before enrolling at USC to study film production – taking part in legendary director Lester Novros’ class called “Filmic Expression”.

Professional Career

Caroline was an active member of her community, participating in CRHP retreats and mentoring students at O’Connor House. Additionally, Caroline served as a leader at her church. Caroline’s enthusiasm for life was felt by all who met her; all had experienced God through Caroline.

Luke Godfrey has been teaching at Rigby High School for 10 years, remaining active with IATA and CTEI to stay informed on legislation and resources to provide his students with better instruction. Additionally, Godfrey remains an avid 3D artist – though due to the covid pandemic this activity has been limited.

Achievement and Honors

Tate Coulter received degrees in accounting and finance; Iza De Los Reyes earned degrees in health sciences; Abolee R Diwate majoring in electrical engineering hails from Dubai and her biggest achievement is winning the William M Plater Civic Medallion; her favorite Honors College memory includes studying with friends in the lounge while GlobalFoundries will soon become her next workplace after graduation.

Godfrey achieved another notable accomplishment when he won both indoor and outdoor Midwest Coach of the Year awards in 2014. Previously he had been coaching at various schools such as North Dakota State University (NDSU) and Kansas State, hoping Tempe would be his final coaching position. Godfrey was outspoken against Reagan Administration restrictions preventing media coverage of Grenada invasion during that era.

Personal Life

Lucas Godfrey stands out as an unexpected professional surfer, riding a battered and bruised board and working a day job while purchasing equipment that fits within his budget. He doesn’t surf for money but rather as something that keeps him passionately engaged with life – photographers have caught him surfing deep Backdoor barrels, casually sliding along massive Pipeline curtains and exploding out of Off the Wall tubes in different locations across California and Hawaii – these images surfacing social media and magazines, raising many questions as to who this man truly is?

Net Worth

Godfrey prefers to keep his personal life quiet and prefers not to discuss details about his relationships with anyone; however, he had one who stood by him during the time of his demise.

He is active on several social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Godfrey is not only an accomplished surfer; he’s also an entrepreneur and member of Xpediator Plc since 1994 as Group Chief Operating Officer (Group COO of Freight Forwarding and Operating Board Member). With his wife, they have two daughters; the eldest of which studies acting at University of Rochester while their younger daughter attends nursing school at Rochester Community and Technical College as a freshman student. Additionally, they remain actively involved with several charitable organizations throughout New York.

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