Lucas Magoon

Snowboarder Lucas Magoon

Snowboarder Lucas Magoon has experienced more than his share of challenges, yet never allowed anything to stand in his way. After five years sober, he runs Goon Gear alongside wife Tonya while raising their daughter Winter in Vermont.

This couple loves exploring America in search of adventure and unique spots to ride.

Early Life and Education

Lucas Magoon was raised in Rutland, Vermont and led an adventurous and enjoyable childhood thanks to the support and guidance from his parents, Tonya and Winter Magoon. Together they founded Goon Gear snowboard clothing company together as well as hosting an annual snowboard meetup at Big Snow New Jersey.

Lucas Magoon has long been one of snowboarding’s national treasures, inspiring an entire generation with his gear, style, and attitude. A two-time Olympian and survivor of an almost fatal head injury due to being pulled by a car while skateboarding (doctors put him into an induced coma with 50-50 odds of survival), Lucas Magoon now remains alcohol free – still snowboarding his signature “Gooner-thug” style!

Professional Career

Lucas Magoon has been an accomplished snowboarder for two decades. Alongside his wife Tonya, they run Goon Gear snowboard company and host multiple events each winter throughout the United States. Additionally, the couple travels extensively around the nation meeting up with friends and shooting street sessions.

Magoon is one of Technine’s iconic snowboarders and known for his funky, laidback riding style that exudes no pretension or carefree attitude. A beloved character by many, in this episode Magoon talks about winning $100,000+ contests, having suffered traumatic head injury with subsequent coma, teaching Cee-lo to us for the first time, Sasquatch sightings near Rutland Strong Arm, quitting alcohol, fatherhood, Goon Gear gearing, quitting smoking and more – plus much more!

Achievement and Honors

The National Book Foundation announced their finalists for 2019 awards today, featuring MacArthur “genius” Hanif Abdurraqib, three-time finalist Lauren Groff and young adult author Kekla Magoon as MacArthur “genius”. Additionally, many debut authors are being recognized.

Magoon hails from Rutland, Vermont and has been snowboarding for over a decade. One of Technine’s most recognized riders and recognized for his signature Gooner-thug style, his full part features massive airs and solid jibs.

Lucas discusses winning over $100,000 in contests, suffering a traumatic head injury and subsequent coma, having near death experiences, teaching us to play Cee-lo, sighting Sasquatchs at Rutland Strong Arm ranges in Rutland Forest Reserve, quitting alcohol, fatherhood, Goon Gear gearing and much more in this episode that promises to be entertaining!

Personal Life

Lucas and Tonya run Goon Gear while raising their daughter Winter – being an inspiration to both snowboarding and life in general.

Last season, the Magoons traveled around to various ski areas across the United States hosting events and Goon Jam events. They will continue traveling this winter as they work towards creating their signature winter event!

Lucas discusses winning over $100,000 in contests, experiencing a traumatic head injury and subsequent coma, having a near death experience, teaching us Cee-lo for the first time, Sasquatch sightings near Rutland strong arm, quitting alcohol, fatherhood, Goon Gear as well as Sasquatch sightings near Rutland strong arm as well as quitting alcohol altogether – in this episode we can’t wait to see what he has up his sleeve! Thanks Salomon, Wild Mike’s Ultimate Pizza, Ten Barrel Pub Beer and Ikon Pass!

Net Worth

Lucas Magoon’s estimated net worth is around $2 Million. Known for his snowboarding prowess and influence among many people, he also excels as an excellent skateboarder – having competed in and won several competitions himself – with strong ability to perform under pressure and challenging conditions.

In 2018, he and Tonya started the Goon Gear company and organized an international snowboard event called Goon Jam Tour across multiple states including New York, Vermont, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Additionally they produced weekly edits for Slush Magazine while living together in Vermont with their daughter Winter.

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