Lucas Moore

Lucas serves as Editor-in-Chief of The GH Falcon, a Green Hope newspaper. He has been with this publication for three years and is enthusiastic about journalism as a means of advocating for social justice.

He has the expertise and license necessary to treat co-occurring substance and mental health diagnoses effectively, employing an individual-driven, trauma-informed and recovery focused approach in therapy sessions with clients.

Early Life and Education

Lucas Moore, from Katy, Texas is an ambitious high school student. As well as playing varsity baseball and maintaining good grades, he serves on his school’s leadership council and exhibits an interest for science and technology through his artwork.

He is passionate about nature and enjoys making wall prints of landscapes and natural scenes from nature. Additionally, he’s an ardent supporter of the University of Iowa Hawkeyes – often wearing their apparel both at home and out in public.

Lucas has made it his career goal to develop digital versions of LMOR, an artificial intelligence program capable of invading and controlling cybernetic bodies – an unstoppable force.

Professional Career

Lucas Moore is a psychotherapist specializing in emerging adults as well as complex mental health needs. He utilizes an approach which emphasizes strengths-based therapy, trauma-informed approaches, cultural responsiveness, insight-oriented therapy approaches and cultural responsiveness for optimal client treatment outcomes.

At Swansea City, he participated in three Football League Championship play-off matches that helped them avoid relegation. Additionally, he was an integral member of their first team throughout most of the year and scored one goal during this period.

His second season with the team proved even more successful as he made seventeen appearances, including five starts and two goals. Wayne Routledge recognized and appreciated him for his confidence and leadership qualities amongst teammates.

Achievement and Honors

Lucas was a powerful criminal kingpin in New York and controlled most of its illegal drug trade. His vast wealth enabled him to tinker and upgrade his arsenal until finally creating the terrifying One Man Army Mk2, equipped with advanced cybernetic enhancements that made it nearly impossible to kill.

After his epic battle with Roland Masseau, Lucas’ physical body was severely damaged but his mind survived intact. Now an online presence, he still funds the Four Kings and harbors animosity for Supers. Despite his narcissism and sadistic personality, Lucas believes that life provides individuals with whatever they deserve from life – it’s up to individuals themselves how they manage it; in his free time he lectures at University of Wisconsin Sandra Rosenbaum School of Social Work.

Personal Life

Lucas is Editor-in-Chief for The GH Falcon and currently attending Green Hope High School as a senior. In his free time he enjoys rock climbing, coding, photography and hanging out with his friends – as well as being able to solve a Rubik’s Cube in under 30 seconds!

Moore joined the Four Kings for all the wrong reasons, yet became an invaluable member. His drug production empire helped finance their operations while destabilizing his city home base.

He is an evil and vindictive program who delights in inflicting pain and suffering on others. He considers most people beneath him, and views life as a gamble. Through cybernetic bodies based on cutting-edge military technology he controls some of the most advanced cybernetic bodies available today – these vary in shape and form but always provide maximum control.

Net Worth

Lucas Moore is a Partner at Payne Hicks Beach law firm in London and joined from Jones Day as an international disputes expert in 2018. Lucas regularly advises high net worth individuals, funds, banks and corporations on matters pertaining to financial services claims, international trade contracts, trust arrangements, fraud allegations and contentious insolvency proceedings as well as governance/shareholder issues.

Moore was a Division I WNBA player at Western Michigan University before earning her degree with high honors in 2008. At WMU, she set numerous school and conference records in basketball and swimming – she even won three MAC Player of the Year awards during that time! As well as playing professionally for Phoenix Mercury and Chicago Sky in ABA/WNBA leagues; three times named MAC Player of the Year by her peers at WMU; holds USSF/NSCAA coaching licenses; currently the head coach for United Soccer League II club Reading United AC!

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