Lucas Rabelo

Lucas Rabelo – A Popular TikTok Star

Lucas Rabelo is an award-winning professional skateboarder who has garnered sponsorships from multiple brands and companies such as Nike SB, Matriz Skateshop, Flip and Independent Trucks. He frequently shares clips of his skating on Instagram to reach over 200,000 followers.

Red Bull’s Field Day series presents Lucas Rabelo of Brazil who recently earned his debut call-up to the Brazilian national team.

Early Life and Education

Lucas Rabelo began skating at age 11, quickly earning the attention of local skateboarding legends. By 13, he moved to Porto Alegre – home of Iapi Skate Park where well-respected pros such as Cezar ‘Gordo’ Dal Pozzolo encouraged him to relocate to Sao Paulo.

Rabelo is a professional skateboarder endorsed by multiple brands and companies such as Nike SB, Matriz Skateshop and Flip Skateboards. He shares clips of his skating with over 250,000 followers via Instagram. According to numerology, Rabelo falls under Life Path 3 designation; these individuals tend to be naturally creative with charismatic personalities who enjoy connecting with people socially.

Professional Career

Lucas Rabelo has amassed sponsorship from major skateboarding brands such as Nike SB, Matriz Skateshop, Flip and Independent Trucks as a professional skateboarder. Additionally, his videos of skateboarding can be seen by his over 200,000 Instagram followers through his account on that social media site.

He boasts an impressive repertoire of handrail moves including hard flip frontside nose slides and bigger flip frontside boardslides, making him one of the premier young skateboarders in Brazil.

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Achievement and Honors

Lucas Rabelo is a professional skateboarder backed by Matriz Skateshop, Flip and Independent Trucks. His over 200,000 Instagram followers can watch his skate videos! Furthermore, Lucas is part of Souls 4 Jesus Hawaii production team.

Many surfers dream of conquering Pipeline, the world’s most treacherous wave. Derek Rabelo made history when he overcame these challenges without sight. Bryan Jennings documented Rabelo’s three-year journey of mental, physical and spiritual preparation for his ultimate challenge in Beyond Sight: The Derek Rabelo Story.

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Personal Life

Lucas Rabelo has generated numerous questions regarding his personal life. A professional skateboarder with sponsorship from various brands and companies, Rabelo regularly posts skateboarding clips on Instagram for his followers to watch.

Lucas Rabelo lives in Brazil and was born January 1st 1999. His full name is Lucas Rabelo but most call him simply Lucas.

Rabelo relocated to Porto Alegre at age 13, after being encouraged by respected Brazilian pro Cezar ‘Gordo’ Dal Pozzolo to leave Fortaleza behind and try his luck in Brazil’s pivotal skate city that boasts Iapi skate plaza. It proved highly beneficial.

Net Worth

Lucas Rabelo is an internationally recognized TikTok Star. A professional skateboarder, Lucas has garnered sponsorships from top companies like Nike SB, Matriz Skateshop, Flip Skateboards, and Independent Trucks – as well as his Instagram account where he shares skateboarding clips to over 160,000 followers.

At the 2018 Best Foot Forward finals in August for street category riding, he took first place. Now part of Nike SB’s team alongside Lacey Baker and Eric Koston.

According to numerology, his life path number 8 and 2023 as his personal year 9 will bring great opportunities in terms of both projects and relationships.

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