Luce Auction

Luce Auction is a Family-Operated Business

LUCES is a nonprofit dedicated to building bright futures for Latino students. Each year, its annual scholarship banquet recognizes Latino students for academic achievements and community service.

Reed Luce, 68 years old, has been leading auctions in Somerset County for 60 years after his family relocated from Perryopolis. Together he and his wife have two sons: Adam and Jake.

Early Life and Education

LUCES works to secure bright futures for Latino students by providing merit and need-based scholarships. Their signature event, an annual scholarship banquet, has become one of their premier activities.

Reed Luce, the current owner of his business and auctioneer extraordinaire at age 68, began his auctioneering career while traveling with his late father Matt Luce to farms across the region to purchase livestock and equipment from farms across the region. Now his two sons Adam and Jake help run it daily.

He notes this year’s sale as being particularly bittersweet given the state of the dairy industry and many farmers who bring equipment for auction may soon go out of business. Since 1990, his family has held this biannual consignment sale in Somerset County.

Professional Career

Since 1990, Luce Auction on Woodland Road in New Centerville has held annual spring and fall consignment sales with more than 4,000 attendees attending both sales. Many came from all across Pennsylvania for equipment or collectibles purchases; others simply showed up to network with friends and family.

Reed Luce, now 68 years old, first learned his trade from traveling with his late father Matt Luce – also an auctioneer – to farms across Texas and Louisiana to conduct auctions. Today his two sons Adam and Jake work alongside him daily at their family business.

Luce Auction business has been run by family for decades. Their diverse operations encompass livestock, equipment and real estate auctioneers accept both consignment sales as well as cash purchases from bidders. Furthermore, the business belongs to National Auctioneers Association.

Achievement and Honors

The Luce auction business has long been family-run. Current owner Reed Luce began his career at an early age traveling between farms to purchase livestock and equipment as a means of earning his living; today Adam and Jake join their father on a daily basis to run this multifaceted enterprise which also encompasses real estate division.

The biannual Luce auction takes place every spring and fall in New Centerville, Somerset County and attracts buyers from throughout Pennsylvania – as well as from other states – attracted by items ranging from used John Deere and International farm equipment to antiques available for purchase at that recent sale.

Personal Life

The Luce family holds an enormous biannual consignment auction in Somerset County. Tens of thousands attend this event each spring and autumn; farm equipment such as harrows, drills and combines as well as antiques are featured among others.

Mepkin Plantation in South Carolina was home to Henry Luce and his family, where they frequently hosted guests from New York society as well as literary figures for meals and hunting trips. Briton Hadden who would later create Timestyle Magazine would often attend.

Reed Luce, the current owner of this business, attended auctions alongside his late father Matt Luce who ran it until his passing in 2004. Reed now heads up his three sons – Adam and Jake – as the representatives for the company, traveling throughout the region purchasing livestock and equipment to sell at their annual sales on Woodland Road in New Centerville in spring and fall respectively.

Net Worth

Luce Auction has been in operation since 1990 and hosts one large biannual consignment sale each spring and fall. Reed Luce, aged 68 from Somerset County’s New Centerville, started as a youngster traveling with his late father Matt to farms around Somerset County to buy livestock and equipment, eventually managing an office during auctions himself with assistance from his children Adam and Jake as well as Heidi Svonavec his niece (office manager at auctions). Accepting items from across the state such as Allis-Chalmers tractors used from Allis-Chalmers/John Deere used farm equipment, antiques etc, Reed has sold everything from harrows/drills used Allis-Chalmers/John Deere used farm equipment or antiques before.

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