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How a Lucid Dream Can Improve Your Lucid Mood

Lucid dreams occur when someone becomes aware they are dreaming and is able to control it – from changing a nightmare into an exciting fantasy to talking with animals or flying like Superman.

Studies suggest that lucid dreams may improve positive mood and sleep quality; however, in certain instances they should be avoided; for instance, it would not be wise for individuals with psychotic symptoms to practice lucid dreaming techniques.

Early Life and Education

Dreams that feature lucidity have been associated with human’s internal locus of control. Being aware that one is dreaming allows them to choose to shape its contents or even wake themselves up from it; unfortunately not everyone can achieve such a state during sleep.

Lucid dreams may enhance positive mood, but they may also cause negative emotions such as fear and anxiety due to lack of control in the dream or feelings of unreality.

Frequent Lucid Dreamers had higher rates of both Lucidity Attainment and Dream Control when compared with the Control Group, however no significant differences were seen in terms of working memory capacity, questionnaire assessments of mind-wandering frequency, prospective and retrospective memory, or trait mindfulness.

Achievement and Honors

Feeling accomplished after accomplishing a difficult task or project can greatly elevate your mood and relieve any associated anxiety. Achieved goals may also result in feelings of satisfaction such as conquering fears or accomplishing desired outcomes that bring joy.

Honor and achievement are two concepts often confused, yet with distinct meanings and implications. Receiving a scholarship or award could be seen as an honor; earning promotion at work could be considered an achievement.

Attaining a goal in a video game, such as defeating all enemies other than Exarchanic Yaseyla, Archwizard Twelvane and Ansuul the Tormentor without suffering group death is considered an achievement and listed in your Player’s Profile section on Steam account.

Personal Life

Lucid dreaming has long been associated with personal growth. One study discovered that those who actively control their dreams experience significant increases in self-esteem and life satisfaction, along with reduced stress the next day. Furthermore, lucid dreaming allows individuals to experiment with various solutions for problems they face in real life.

Non-lucid dreams typically involve only lower level consciousness such as perceptions and emotions; while in lucid dreaming, secondary consciousness such as metacognition and volition becomes predominant.

Researchers have discovered that lucid dreaming can help reduce nightmares by helping individuals to overcome fears and fulfil wishes. Furthermore, research shows positive impacts on sleep quality and mental wellbeing from this practice.

Net Worth

Net worth is a measure of assets (cash savings, investments and the value of your home) subtracted from liabilities (debt such as student loans, credit card debt or mortgage debt). Tracking your net worth over time allows you to track how your wealth changes.

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