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Lucid Moons and Madness

Evidence disproves the idea that full moons cause madness; nonetheless, it remains relevant to examine any correlation between moon phases and our behavior.

Lucid was born to missionaries in Shanghai and studied at the University of Oklahoma before becoming a NASA astronaut in 1979. She went on four Space Shuttle missions before living aboard Mir.

Early Life and Education

Shannon Lucid was born in Shanghai, China as the daughter of Baptist missionaries who were interned by Japan during World War II. She holds bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees from the University of Oklahoma.

She became one of the first women astronaut candidates in 1978. Since then, she has completed five space flights and amassed 5,354 hours in space travel.

While on Mir, she conducted material science experiments and monitored protein crystal growth experiments. In addition, she participated in both the Optizon liquid phase sintering experiment and the Quail Egg Experiment which studied embryonic development under microgravity conditions. For recreation purposes she exercised, conversed with crewmates, watched movies and wrote emails; additionally she read books such as Charles Dickens’ Bleak House and David Copperfield by herself or together.

Professional Career

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She graduated with bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees from the University of Oklahoma in chemistry before working at Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation until being chosen to train as part of NASA Astronaut Group 8.

Lucid has made five flights into space, including an extended stay on the Russian Mir space station. From 1996 until 2007, she held the world record for time spent by an American woman in space; that record has since been broken by Suni Williams and Christina Koch.

Achievement and Honors

Shannon Wells Lucid, an American biochemist and retired NASA astronaut who has traveled five times into space. She currently holds the record as being the longest-staying American and female astronaut aboard Russia’s Mir space station and received the Congressional Space Medal of Honor award.

Art collectors and museums across the world have seen her work at exhibitions at museums like the Guggenheim and High Museum of Art, while she herself has received many honors including Joan Mitchell Foundation’s Painter and Sculptor Award.

In 2022, Lucid Air achieved an almost impossible victory when they won MotorTrend’s Car of the Year award–an accomplishment not easily attained by such an unproven newcomer against established automakers with decades of experience.

Personal Life

Lucid was equipped with patience, faith, and humor that helped her endure her time in space. She credits this to the influences of both of her parents who served as Baptist missionaries in Shanghai during World War II before serving several months in a Japanese prison camp as part of their service to her development.

Lucid kept her family in contact via two-way video linkups while participating in press conferences with both Russian and American media outlets, such as one where a Russian journalist asked what language crewmembers spoke on Mir, prompting Lucid to laugh with joy when answering this query from him.

Shuttle-Mir was also home to numerous life and physical science experiments, some conducted for the first time by American female astronauts. She made history on September 26, 1996 by becoming the longest-duration spaceflight by an American astronaut or woman astronaut in history.

Net Worth

Net worth refers to an individual’s total assets minus debt; it serves as an effective indicator of financial health and may help determine eligibility for things like mortgage loans.

Lucid was established as Atieva by an ex-vice president of Tesla in 2007 and initially focused on batteries and powertrains, amassing patents at an impressive pace. Unfortunately, however, Lucid lacks production facilities as well as having any kind of name recognition among larger carmakers.

This communication contains forward-looking statements. These reflect Lucid’s assessments as of the date of this communication and could be subject to various risks, such as those discussed in its filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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