Lucid Realities

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This company can achieve high-quality results thanks to their team synergy, client collaborations and deep technical knowledge. Their impressive track record of completed projects stands testimony to this.

Early Life and Education

Lucid Reality Labs is a technology consulting, design, and development firm. Their goal is to deliver engaging virtual and mixed reality experiences for clients across both private and public sectors – pushing existing approaches forward while developing unique know-how.

As founding members of the Metaverse Alliance, they are dedicated to expanding spatial computing solutions for enterprises. Additionally, this collaborative virtual world provides them with an environment in which to explore future of work opportunities.

Lucid Realities was established in 2018 as an immersive experience production and distribution studio based out of Paris, producing Karim Ben Khelifa’s “The Enemy” and Claude Monet’s “Lady Sapiens.” Chloe Jarry began the studio with the goal of opening an immersive experience production and distribution company which made cultural XR experiences available to a larger public.

Professional Career

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Lucid Reality Labs was hired by a medical device company to produce animated videos to promote their products. Lucid Reality Labs exceeded client expectations with their project; communication was clear, deadlines met and they met them well – meaning their client plans on continuing working together in future projects with Lucid Reality Labs.

Lucid Reality Labs will launch Unframed Collection, an experience platform curating curated XR experiences, to connect XR producers and cultural venues, provide user-friendly management system and remove commercial and technical barriers associated with distribution XR experiences, thus making cultural content accessible more easily for the general public.

Achievement and Honors

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Lucid Reality Labs is a spatial technology consulting, design, and development firm specializing in Augmented Virtual and Mixed Reality experiences that create memorable interactive interactions for companies in various industries. Their solutions enhance and gamify business operations as well as open up opportunities for human-computer-environment interactions.

They also provide web-based immersive augmented reality (AR) experiences, enabling users to engage with content without downloading an additional app – reaching a wider audience this way.

Personal Life

Raveena Aurora is an accomplished singer/songwriter who explores her personal identity through music. Her velvety voice and celestial backtracks create an emotive listening experience while Lucid, her most recent album reveals her experiences of trauma and recovery.

Lucid Reality Labs creates immersive XR trainings and simulations for healthcare, medtech, pharmaceutical, aerospace and defense industries. Additionally, they specialize in AR solutions which enhance real world environments using digital twins or visual overlays – providing limitless opportunities across industries.

Lucid Reality Labs’ team is comprised of highly collaborative professionals. Able to quickly adapt to client needs, and provide high-quality work. Recently they produced animated videos for a medical device company who were delighted with their results.

Net Worth

Lucid Reality Labs creates immersive solutions with lasting positive impacts for private and public-sector clients alike. Utilizing VR/MR technologies to augment real world environments with digital overlays and open up endless business possibilities.

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