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Lucinda Puddicombe Net Worth

Andy Puddicombe is co-founder and voice of Headspace, an internationally successful mindfulness meditation app. He has written three books and frequently appears in international media outlets.

Prior to attending De Montfort University and earning his sports science degree, he attended Wellsway Comprehensive School in Keynsham and then Circus Arts studies in London.

Early Life and Education

Lucinda Puddicombe has amassed an impressive net worth through her work as an author, public speaker, meditation and mindfulness instructor as well as dancer. She even appeared on popular television show Solid Gold!

Puddicombe is the co-founder of Headspace, an app-based guided meditation and mindfulness training service for its users. A British citizen, Puddicombe attended Wellsway Comprehensive School in Keynsham before studying Sports Science at De Montfort University.

In 1994, Puddicombe left his studies in Sports Science for Asia to train as a Buddhist monk and meditate for many years – eventually culminating with monastic ordination in Northern India. When he returned home he studied Circus Arts before starting a private meditation practice; since then he has worked towards making meditation accessible and beneficial for as many people as possible.

Professional Career

Puddicombe has written extensively for The Guardian, Five Books and Huffington Post about topics related to fitness, mindfulness and mental health. Additionally, he speaks regularly on these subjects at seminars held across the UK as well as making appearances on BBC Radio and television programming.

He and Richard Pierson co-founded Headspace, a digital health company offering guided meditation training and mindfulness to clients around the world. He has written three books that have been translated into 10 different languages and published across 25 countries; additionally he has appeared on TED, Netflix and regular TV and web shows as a speaker or presenter.

Puddicombe lives with his wife and son in California. An avid yogi and mindfulness practitioner, he keeps fit by playing field hockey – Instagram features pictures of his son as well as tips for healthy living!

Achievement and Honors

Andy Puddicombe is co-founder of meditation startup Headspace and an author. He has made multiple media appearances and regularly appears as a guest on various podcasts; most famous for his TED talk he has also been featured in Vogue, NYT, FT Men’s Wellness, and Esquire publications.

He has written three books – Get Some Headspace, The Headspace Diet and most recently The Headspace Guide to a Mindful Pregnancy – all designed to make meditation more accessible by dispelling myths and dispelling misconceptions surrounding it.

Although no details are made public on his family life, he does have one son with Lucinda. They live together in Santa Monica, California, and both support veganism.

Personal Life

Puddicombe, who is married, resides with his family in Venice, California. Harley was named after him.

Since the coronavirus pandemic began, Puddicombe and her family have been practicing mindfulness meditation together as a family. She regularly contributes to television and radio shows on health, wellness and mental wellbeing topics.

Andy Puddicombe attended Wellsway Comprehensive School in Keynsham and graduated with degrees in Sports Science and Circus Arts from De Montfort University. Following this, he traveled to Asia where he trained as a Buddhist monk before teaching meditation classes in Moscow before returning home and setting up his private meditation practice in Britain.

He also gave a TED talk on the benefits of daily mindfulness practice, earning over 7 million views and becoming one of the first TED talks to be featured on Netflix.

Net Worth

At present, she is married to Andy Puddicombe and they reside in Venice, California with their son Harley.

David is an author, public speaker and meditation and mindfulness instructor. Together with Richard Pierson he co-founded Headspace as a digital wellness company offering guided meditation instruction and mindfulness programs for clients.

Puddicombe’s TED talk, entitled ‘All It Takes Is 10 Mindful Minutes,’ explored the positive outcomes of daily mindfulness practice and has attracted over 7 million views to date – becoming one of the first talks ever featured on Netflix.

Trained is his own podcast which showcases interviews with experts in health and fitness. Additionally, he has appeared on Frank Buckley Interviews and Ted Radio Hour. Originally hailing from Britain.

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