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Maaco Names Anthony Martino As Ceo

Alberto paid Maaco, an industry-leading auto paint and body shop, a visit as part of an undercover mission. Working alongside Rambo from Maaco he assisted him in moving cars around their lot.

Tony Martino began his automotive repair shop business in 1959 specializing in automatic transmission repair, eventually leading the industry. In 1972 he launched Maaco as a middle ground between low-cost auto painters with inferior quality services and costly dealership work.

Early Life and Education

Tony Martino was known for expanding beyond auto body repair to include aviation and early childhood education ventures, while being an outspoken supporter of veterans issues.

Mark Martino, son of Maaco founder the late Ralph Martino (deceased), was present at its first in-person convention since 2008 held November 15-18th in Carlsbad California to commemorate and look to the future for Maaco. This convention included breakout sessions, vendor trade show booths, golf tournament and gala.

Hannah Whitesides, SVP of Marketing for the brand, discussed its commitment to people through initiatives like honoring a shop-level employee every week and partnerships that highlight its human side. Hannah also touched upon how they use data analytics to support franchisees for success.

Professional Career

Thomas Andrews has been with Maaco for more than 35 years and during that time has led its development of innovative merchandising, sales and operating systems – as well as an aggressive growth plan in auto painting and body work services.

Prior to joining Maaco, he held marketing management roles at Burger King and Yum Brands. As president of an automotive company he successfully achieved 61 months of revenue growth and appeared on CBS’ “Undercover Boss.”

He left Maaco after it was purchased by Driven Brands along with both American and Canadian CARSTAR locations, but has yet to be replaced as president of Maaco and CARSTAR Paint & Collision Group by Driven. A spokeswoman said they are interviewing candidates. Maaco shops repair over 700,000 vehicles annually for collision or cosmetic body work alone – more than 70% need body repair repairs!

Achievement and Honors

Maaco celebrated 50 years with a convention from Nov. 15-18 that featured a charity golf tournament, vendor trade show and gala. Additionally, top performing franchise owners were recognized and the Anthony Martino Hall of Fame Award presented.

Whitesides commended Maaco franchisees’ resilience during the pandemic and highlighted new initiatives like an online contactless estimating tool which helps engage younger customers. She also touched upon Maaco’s charitable endeavors such as supporting Women’s Industry Network to encourage more women to consider careers in automotive repair.

Steve and Angela Locke from Maaco Marietta in Georgia received the Terry Taylor award, which recognizes Maaco owners who model his selfless qualities by constantly striving to achieve operational excellence while cultivating a solid team.

Personal Life

After working as a marketer at Burger King and Yum Brands (the parent company of KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell), Costa joined Maaco as president in 2013, helping the auto body repair and painting business experience 61 consecutive months of growth. He even appeared undercover for CBS’s “Undercover Boss,” providing valuable insights into employees and franchisees alike.

One of Costa’s undercover missions saw him working undercover as a detailer at a Lawnside, NJ shop under the name Alberto. While working there he came into conflict with an employee named Jim who believed Costa was cutting corners in his work.

Costa has announced his decision to step down following Maaco’s sale to Driven Brands and purchase of both U.S. and Canadian CARSTAR franchises by Driven. No replacement has yet been named.

Net Worth

Net worth is a measure of financial health that includes both assets and liabilities, making up your overall net worth. It is a moving figure which can be affected by lifestyle choices, smart decisions and efforts made towards improving finances; but true wealth lies beyond monetary valuation.

Franchisees typically recoup their initial investments within four to five years on average, depending on various factors like location, expenses and management skills.

Maaco’s veterans incentive program honors military service while opening up doors of opportunity in the paint and collision repair industry for veterans. Working closely with various lending institutions, Maaco helps new and existing franchisees secure financing for their businesses.

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