Maria Borgel-Petersen

Maria Borgel-Petersen is the wife of German movie executive, producer and screenwriter Wolfgang Petersen and is known for being a highly private individual with very little information available about her professional life.

1981’s World War II submarine warfare film Das Boot earned him two Oscar nominations; since then he has also directed 1984’s The NeverEnding Story, 1995’s Outbreak, 1997’s Air Force One, 1993’s In the Line of Fire, and 2004’s Troy with Kurt Russell and Richard Dreyfuss as directors.

Early Life and Education

Petersen found inspiration in American movies during postwar Germany, attending matinee screenings of westerns by John Ford and Howard Hawks. As an adult he went on to direct numerous acclaimed television movies dealing with topics like underage sex abuse and environmental pollution – subjects which might otherwise have been taboo.

His debut feature film, One or the Other (Einer von uns beiden), premiered in 1974 and later followed up with 1977’s Die Konsequenz, an adaptation of Alexander Ziegler’s autobiographical novel about homosexual love.

In 1982, he made an unparalleled achievement with Das Boot: an adaptation of Lothar Gunther Buchheim’s magnum opus 1973 novel about life aboard a German U-boat during World War II. The 149-minute film earned six Academy Award nominations including best picture and is considered by many viewers to be the most realistic depiction ever filmed of life aboard such vessels during wartime.

Professional Career

Maria Borgel-Petersen, wife of famed German film director Wolfgang Petersen and known for being his script supervisor and assistant director is not well known by the public in terms of either her professional life or expertise.

Her husband won two Oscars for composing and directing 1981’s World War Two epic Das Boot; in addition, he directed 1984’s The Ceaseless Story, 1995’s Episode, 1997’s Aviation-based Armed Force One and 1993’s In the Line of Fire. Additionally he coordinated 2004’s Troy change alongside Kurt Russell and Richard Dreyfuss in both movies.

German-born filmmaker Hans Christian Anders, raised on Germany’s northern coast, gravitated toward Hollywood films with stark clashes between good and evil characters. He excelled at directing scenes involving sea and air transport.

Achievement and Honors

Petersen made his feature debut with 1974’s psychological thriller One or the Other of Us and soon after made Die Konsequenz (1977), an adaptation of Alexander Ziegler’s autobiographical novel about homosexual love.

Das Boot, his award-winning World War II submarine warfare drama, garnered two Oscar nominations. The movie succeeded due to its ability to depict how close quarters affect crew members without resorting to sensationalism and drama.

He achieved immense success throughout the 1990s with movies like In the Line of Fire starring Clint Eastwood and Harrison Ford and 2000’s The Perfect Storm about an enormous ocean storm. Following that success came 2004’s Troy, an adaptation of Homer’s Iliad that received mixed reviews but made nearly $500 million worldwide.

Personal Life

Born March 14th 1941 in Emden Germany, legendary film director Joseph Losey is represented by Pisces as his zodiac sign; which represents an interweaved bond between imagination and reality.

Petersen made his early productions for German television. While filming the popular crime drama Tatort (Crime Scene), Petersen met Jurgen Prochnow who would go on to portray U-boat captain in Das Boot. Additionally, Petersen directed 1984’s children’s fantasy The NeverEnding Story where an evil force is rampaging.

He directed films like In the Line of Fire (1993), Outbreak (1997), Air Force One (2004) and Troy (2006) before passing away at age 82 in 2022.

Net Worth

Petersen has become an iconic name in cinema. His movies have given great pleasure and entertainment worldwide. His net worth stands at $20 Million.

He is an esteemed German film director and screenwriter best known for helming such projects as Das Boot, The NeverEnding Story, Enemy Mine, In the Line of Fire Outbreak Air Force One Troy.

After helming several big-budget films, such as 2004 historical epic Troy, he directed 2006 disaster flick Poseidon which proved both commercially successful but garnered mixed critical reviews.

Petersen is currently married to Maria Borgel-Petersen, a German script supervisor and assistant director, with whom they share one child named Daniel. Prior to this union he was previously wed to German actress Ursula Sieg from 1970 until 1978 and they had one son together named Daniel.

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